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This Is What Australia Looked Like 20 Years Ago

White old man in power, Home and Away winning Logies... wait not much has changed.

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1. We started off the year with Paul Keating as PM, but John Howard took over in March.

AAP Image

2. Howard announced new gun control measures after the Port Arthur Massacre in April.

AP Photo / Steve Holland

3. Ray Martin won the Gold Logie.

TV Week / Via

4. Kate Ceberano performed at the event.

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5. The Most Popular Series Logie went to Home And Away.

Some things never change.
TV Week / Via

Some things never change.

6. Speaking of Home and Away, 1996 was the year they tragically ripped apart everyone's '90s OTP.

RIP Shane.
Channel 7

RIP Shane.

7. And the opening credits looked like this:

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8. Meanwhile on Neighbours, there was Toadie... who looked like this:

9. The "Macarena" topped the Aria charts for the year.

RCA / Via

10. Savage Garden released their debut single "I Want You".

With the iconic "chic-a-cherry-cola" line.
Roadshow Records

With the iconic "chic-a-cherry-cola" line.

11. The Wiggles released their sixth album Wake Up Jeff.

ABC Music / Via!

12. Aussie singer Gina G represented the UK at Eurovision with hit song "Ooh, Ahh...Just A Little Bit."

13. The Spice Girls released their first single "Wannabe" which hit No. 1 on the Aria charts.


14. Peter Andre was releasing music.

Dave Hogan / Getty Images

15. Shine, starring Geoffrey Rush, was released.

Fine Line Features

16. Cathy Freeman won her first Olympic medal.

Freeman took out the silver medal in the 400m.
Patrick Hertzog / AFP / Getty Images

Freeman took out the silver medal in the 400m.

17. Sri Lanka won the cricket world cup.

Getty / Via

18. Tamagotchis made their way into the world.

19. And TV Hits magazine looked a little like this:

TV Hits