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    Posted on 26 Feb 2016

    22 Incredible Things You Never Knew You Could Do In Western Australia

    Ever felt the urge to visit an area populated by gnomes?

    1. Play with the dolphins at Monkey Mia.

    Monkey Mia (located 900km from Perth) is a magical experience for dolphin lovers and a chance to get up close and personal with the majestic creatures. It's the only place where dolphins visit daily and not seasonally. If dolphins aren't your thing, why not take a walk on the pristine white sand, go snorkelling in the turqouise waters or even unwind with a beach camel ride?

    2. Visit the Gnomes of Gnomesville.

    Yes, you read that right. Ferguson Valley (located between Bunbury and Collie) is home to some cheeky little gnomes just chillin' and doing their thing. Around 2000+ gnomes populate the area, merging from the roadside all the way back into the forest. Bring a picnic basket and nab a table nearby - hey, it's probably the only time you can ever say you dined with gnomes.

    3. Explore the abandoned Atlantis Water Park.

    A little creepy, a little fun; Atlantis Water Park, located 60km north of Perth, was once a thriving family fun adventure, with live dolphin shows, pedal boats and plenty of pools to dip in. After closing down in 1990, it was left abandoned and now is overgrown and derelict, but makes for a great, artsy Instagram shot if you're passing by.

    4. Relive history at Fremantle Prison.

    Fremantle prison was a gaol for convicts in the mid-to-late 1800s, before being used as for locally-sentenced prisoners. It closed operation in 1991 and soon became a tourist attraction; weddings have even been held in the chapel! Go on a guided day tour, and watch as the experts bring the whole experience to life. Up for something a little scarier? The torchlight night tour will be right up your alley.

    5. Make mates with some cute quokkas on Rottnest Island.

    There's a plethora of activities to do on Rottnest Island, from snorkelling in the clear blue waters of The Basin and Salmon Bay, to getting up close and personal with one of Australia's cutest marsupials. Want somewhere a little more secluded than The Basin? Porpoise Bay is a little more private, but just as beautiful.

    6. Explore the supreme beauty of Lake Cave.

    For an unreal experience, take a tour of Lake Cave. Walk the 300 steps down to get lost in the beauty of the spectacularly lit caves, with a light show illuminating special features. Lake Cave is located in Margaret River so after your experience, why not treat yourself to a wine tour?

    7. Indulge in some native food at Margaret River.

    Speaking of Margaret River, the Bushtucker River and Wine Tours are certainly a great way to indulge yourself while in the area. Start the day sampling some award-winning wine, snack on "native food" like crocodile and kangaroo for lunch and visit the distillery for some cheeky afternoon liqueurs.

    8. Go on a spooky tour of Oakabella Homestead.

    Daytime tours for this historical residence are available but for something a little more spooky, why not try a night tour? Learn all about the history of the ~haunted~ Oakabella and admire the the valuable artefacts that tell of a different time. Note: You can't leave without trying the famous scones from the Oakabella manager Loretta!

    9. Admire the Hutt Lagoon in Kalbarri.

    Facebook: SeeAustralia

    While in Kalbarri, for a Instagram-worthy snap, visiting the "pink lake" is a must. Hutt Lagoon is a salt lake with a pink hue and makes for a glorious view.

    10. Conquer the Tree Top walk at the Valley of Giants.

    An easy drive from Walpole or Denmark, experience the surreal adventure of walking 40 metres high through a forest canopy, located in the Valley of Giants. The easy 600 metre walk is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

    11. Admire the birds of Rainbow Jungle.

    For something a little different, Rainbow Jungle is a parrot breeding centre located in Kalbarri. Wander through landscaped tropical gardens, lily ponds and waterfalls all while taking in the view of some of the most beautifully coloured birds in the world.

    12. View the "Staircase to the Moon" in Broome.

    Viewing this natural phenomenon will all depend on timing, but if you get it right, it's quite a sight to behold. Happening two to three days a month between March and October, it occurs when the full moon rises over the exposed mudflats at low tide in Roebuck Bay, creating a beautiful optical illusion.

    13. Take a dip in the Karijini Waterfalls.

    Karijini National Park is a magical place to visit, full of hiking and swimming adventures as well as breathtaking scenery. From frolicking in Fortescue Falls, to admiring the view at the Oxer Lookout and enjoying a natural spa pool in Hamersley Gorge, the range of natural activities is endless.

    14. Frolick with sea lions at Abrolhos Islands.

    Forming a unique marine area, the Abrolhos Islands surround several coral reef communities and is a meeting place for tropical and temperate sealife. If you're a keen diver or into snorkelling, the coral gardens make for amazing viewing and many sea lions, dolphins, and whales are spotted in the area.

    15. Visit an entirely different ~nation~ at Hutt River Province.

    The Hutt River Province is the oldest micronation in Australia, and is located around 500 kilometres from Perth. Hutt River Province was founded in 1970 by Leonard George Casley, otherwise known as "Prince Leonard." The area has become a popular regional tourist attraction, with over 40,000 tourists visiting the province each year.

    16. Climb the dizzying heights of the Gloucester Tree.

    The Gloucester Tree (located in the Gloucester National Park) was originally used as a fire lookout in 1947, but today is a tourist attraction for many visitors. People can climb the 58 metre tree to get to the lookout structure, which gives amazing views of the surrounding forest and farmland.

    17. Swim with the whale sharks at Ningaloo.

    Get up close and personal with some amazing marine life at the beautiful Ningaloo coast located in the north-west of Western Australia. The Ningaloo Whaleshark Swim website offers a variety of tours, from diving courses, to mantra ray tours and of course swimming alongside the magnificent whale sharks on a whole day tour.

    18. Admire the bee-striped Bungle Bungle Range.

    Located in the Purnululu National Park, the Bungle Bungle Range are distinctive beehive-striped domes and one of the Kimberley's most renowned attractions. If you're feeling adventurous, 4WD tours are available, or if you want to see the attractions from above, why not go on a helicopter tour?

    19. Have a cheeky drink at the Matso beer brewery in Broome.

    If you need a break from wineries and exploring, the Matso beer brewery in Broome will be sure to tantalise your tastebuds. With a range of beers and ciders with exotic flavours such as mango, lychee, and chilli there's a little something for everyone here. Be sure to check out their beer and cider inspired food menus, with funky dressings and marinades.

    20. Visit the spectacular Pinnacles Desert.

    The world famous Pinnacles Desert really is a sight to behold. The limestone creations are located in Nambung National Park, near the town of Cervantes, nearly 200 kilometres north-west of Perth. After taking in the Pinnacles, take a trip to the fishing village of Cervantes and soak up some sun on the glorious white beaches.

    21. Cool down at the Bicton Baths.

    For a chilled day of fun or a spot to cool down, head to the Bicton Baths in Perth for some paddle-boarding, kayaking, or a jump off the jetty.

    22. Chill out and drink in the sights of Ellis Brook Valley.

    Acknowledged as the richest wildflower location in the Perth area, why not spend the day trekking and taking in the scenery before admiring the beautiful waterfalls while chilling out with a picnic. This great day outdoors will hardly cost you a cent!

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