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    Posted on 25 Oct 2016

    23 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets About "The Bachelorette" Australia

    The eliminated contestants fill us in on their time in the house.

    With the second season of The Bachelorette Australia coming to an end, we spoke to the eliminated contestants who shared some juicy secrets about the show.

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    Here's what we learned.

    1. Until the moment they exited the limo, the contestants had no idea who the Bachelorette would be, what she looked like, or what she did for a living.

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    2. Many contestants get cast instead of applying.

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    “I got a call to go to Melbourne for a casual coffee, which ended up turning into an audition and the next thing I know I was on the show," Jay said.

    3. Some contestants were actually approached on nights out.

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    "I was out one night and someone approached me about being on the show," Cam said. "I eventually got persuaded to hand over my phone number and details."

    4. And Sam was contacted to be the Bachelor for Richie's season.

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    "At first they asked me to audition to be The Bachelor, and I said, 'Keep me in mind for The Bachelorette.' I definitely didn’t apply for it, that’s for sure.”

    5. The audition process for those who did apply however was super intense.

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    "I had an online test that took me three days to fill out, and then I had a casting phone call. From there, I had to go to a place in Sydney where you got put through with probably 15 guys, and you had to do these group activities, and it'd get narrowed down, and then you'd do more activities and it got narrowed down again... then I was put through to a panel conversation, and then a series of phone interviews after that... it was hectic!" Courtney told us.

    6. The hours for filming were absolutely crazy.

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    "Cocktail parties would start at 6pm and sometimes go until three in the morning," Aaron told BuzzFeed, while Cam said, "It was hard to be switched on all the time. Sometimes the producers would ask you how you would feel if you didn't get a rose, and you just wanted the whole ceremony to be over with!"

    7. And some dates would go until the early hours of the morning.

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    Clancy's ice-skating date with Georgia started at around midnight, and didn't wrap up until after 2am.

    8. The guys lapels actually have magnets attached to them.

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    Which is how Georgia pins the roses on so easily.

    9. The guys are not allowed to be active on social media until you’ve been voted off “on air”.

    10. And they have no access to social media while in the house.

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    11. They also don't have access to newspapers, radio, or normal TV.

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    So basically they watch a whole lot of Netflix, and play a lot of tennis.

    12. Which is why their emotions are actually so heightened.

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    "You're stripped completely of social media, connectivity, TV, radio, and you're in this house with 16 other guys and you're always talking about this one girl. It's dating on speed! All your emotions and feelings are fast-tracked, the feelings I had for Georgia I'd never felt so quickly in my life," Courtney said.

    13. While producers want contestants to be as spontaneous as possible, they definitely reshoot scenes.

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    14. In fact, Clancy had to jump into the pool a couple times, while Cam said they re-shot ~the song~ numerous times.

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    15. The "villains" are definitely kept on longer for entertainment purposes.

    16. The guys were sometimes unhappy with the way they were portrayed, or when things were taken out of context.

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    "On TV you definitely only saw one side of me. The only thing that really got me was the fact that I looked like I was just there to further my career, which is not the case at all," Sam said.

    "At the end of the day it's a television show," Courtney said. "They're building the fairytale. If you're the person that's standing there at the end, you'll be portrayed as very lovable. If you're not, then you're portrayed a little different!"

    17. And certain quotes and scenes are cut to heighten the drama of the situation unfolding.

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    "The way I remember [the last chat] happening was that it was more of a mutual agreement. Georgia and I agreed we weren’t forming a connection... there were a few things shown that were taken out of context," Sam said about his dramatic departure.

    18. The house is filled with plenty of food and drinks from the sponsors of the show.

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    "We did get a lot of Häagen-Dazs ice cream, Lindt chocolate, crates of Kettle Chips and Fiji water. We had plenty of junk food to keep us going," Cam said in an interview with Elle Australia.

    19. The reason the food is ignored on dates, (like the cheese platters), is because the contestants get such limited one-on-one time with Georgia, their focus is solely on her.

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    "Time is so limited, you need to make a connection to stay there. I couldn't waste my time eating cheese," Tommy told BuzzFeed, while Ben said he probably only spent 15 minutes alone with Georgia in a two-week period.

    20. A lot of contestants actually quit their job to be on the show.

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    21. The guys definitely keep in touch after filming.

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    "Rhys and I will speak every week or so," Sam told BuzzFeed, while Ben said there were two separate group chats going and he was in both.

    22. And many already know, or become friends with, contestants from past series.

    Rhys is literally FB friends with like every girl from The Bachelor last season, this shouldn't be shocking…

    "I'm friends with Kiki who was on Richie's season," Sam said. And a quick little search of numerous Facebook profiles definitely shows many contestants are inter-connected somehow.

    23. Currently both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette Australia spin-offs have a super high success rate.

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    With the exception of Blake Garvey's season in 2014, every couple from the series is still together.

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