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43 Things You'll Only Understand If You Grew Up In An Aussie Country Town

"Hey, I'll be back soon, just going into town."

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1. There's definitely one famous pie shop somewhere nearby.

2. Your parents either own a farm, or you know someone who does.

3. You’ve been to your fair share of bonfire parties.

4. Because, basically it’s how everyone celebrated turning 18.

5. Your town has experienced numerous flood threats.

6. You’ve lived through at least one water restriction during summer.

7. Summer to you means consecutive days with temperatures well above 40 degrees.

8. But you’ve now discovered you like the dry heat much better than the swampy city heat.

9. Your hometown is always on high alert for fire warnings during the summer.

10. There’s definitely a slang name for your town, or at least a way to shorten it's name.

11. School excursions involved going to the nearest city to see what it’s like.

12. And the first time catching public transport in an unknown city was a daunting experience.

13. Living in a rural town meant you just got used to driving everywhere.

14. And there was no such thing as peak hour traffic.

15. But stopping to let kangaroos/cows/wombats/ducks cross the road was a regular occurrence.

16. The nearest beach is more than three hours away.

17. But it's likely there's a body of water in your town, like a river or lake, where people go swimming.

18. There’s one main street in the whole town where everyone goes to shop.

19. And that's where all the teens with a licence spend Friday or Saturday nights doing “mainies”.

20. There's only one or two popular pubs.

21. When people ask where you’re from, more often than not you have to repeat the town name numerous times.

22. Or at least start describing where it is in relation to bigger cities.

23. If you’re lucky there’s one cinema for the town.

24. But if your town is too small, the next one is probably a minimum 40-minute drive away in a neighbouring area.

25. You’ve definitely had kangaroos, kookaburras, etc. take up residence near your house.

26. There’s only one local paper to get your news from.

27. Everyone loves complaining about the community in the “Letters To The Editor” section.

28. And local reporters trawl the shopping areas to try and get locals to participate in the daily “Vox Pop”.

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29. Your high school year group had less than 100 people in it.

30. You’ve gone to a B&S ball.

31. And many girls at your high school made their debutante.

32. Mobile reception was, and continues to be, a constant battle.

33. Your parents seem to know everyone living in the area.

34. And when someone beeped their car horn at you, you just assumed it was a relative.

35. You’ve survived numerous locust plagues.

36. You’ve shopped at Target Country.

37. You consider it highly rude if someone bumps into you and doesn’t apologise.

38. So if you now live in a city, it was a rude shock getting used to the fact people do that all the time.

39. You can relate every teen memory back to a back in your area, like sneaking goon there at night, or wagging school and hiding out there.

40. To this day, you still refer to any shopping as "going into town".

41. You've lived through the coldest winters, and the hottest summers.

42. You still love the sound of rain on a tin roof.

43. And regardless of where you live now, you will always consider yourself a country girl/guy at heart.