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39 Problems All Girls With Thin Hair Have Gone Through

Going a third day without washing your hair and looking like you've dipped your head in a giant container of olive oil.

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1. Establishing a good hair-washing routine is honestly a struggle.

2. You're aware you need to try to wash it less frequently, but your thin hair decides it wants to get oily and stick to your head after only two days.

3. Even using the tiniest amount of conditioner doesn’t help.

4. And dry shampoo will only just stretch you to the third day, if you’re lucky.

5. Then when it comes to washing your hair, the stupid fine strands decide it’s the perfect time to vacate your head and try to find a new life down in the shower drain.

6. And brushing your wet hair? How the fuck is it possible for someone with such thin hair to then lose HALF OF IT TO THE HAIRBRUSH?

7. Every time a clump of hair is lost to a brush, you honestly feel like crying.

8. Curling your hair only results in it being dead straight within a couple of hours.

9. Even hairspray ain’t gonna fix that shit.

10. And straightening your hair isn’t that simple either. Instead of staying dead straight, most of the time it flicks out, becomes frizzy, or takes on a static-y life of its own.

11. Also, when you DO straighten it, it gets greasier even faster.

12. Then there’s hairstyles. The big bun trend? Not gonna happen.

13. And let’s forget about pigtails or braids. Having your hair in one plait looks like a normal person’s pigtail.

14. Your scalp always makes a cheeky appearance every time you try to pull your hair back.

15. Hell, sometimes even when you don’t pull your hair back, it pops out to say hello.

16. You’ll never know the feeling of sporting a sleek ponytail.

17. Also your ponytail is, like, 1/4 the thickness of a normal person’s.

18. Because your version just looks like three strands of hair tied back, with parts falling out everywhere.

19. Speaking of falling out, your bobby pins have a tendency to just drop at any given time.

20. If you do your own elaborate hairstyle at home, by the time you get to where you have to be it’s either fallen out or lost any sort of volume.

21. Your hair bands are prone to snapping when you try to wind them around your limp ponytail for a 23rd time.

22. Though your thin strands will 100% get caught and tangled in every hair band anyway.

23. You’ve tried literally EVERY sort of thickening shampoo, conditioner, and thin hair treatment.

24. And even tried root-lifting hair mousse and spray to no avail.

25. Honestly your bathroom is full of half-empty products because you keep buying new ones in the hope they’ll be a life-changing experience.

26. But it’s so damn hard to find an affordable product that actually works.

27. You find yourself looking for sulfate-free hair products in the hope it makes some sort of difference.

28. A lot of your Google searches involve "hair thickening supplements" and "foods that help hair grow and thicken".

29. And you bet you’ve swallowed those dry, kinda funky-tasting "hair, skin & nail" tablets.

30. You still get charged exorbitant amounts at the hairdresser for a cut, even when they have to work with substantially less hair than the average person.

31. When it rains, you basically look like drowned rat. If a drowned rat had, like, two hairs plastered to their forehead.

32. And even a hint of wind will leave your hair knotty AF.

33. God forbid there’s a full-gale wind, because you hair will blow around and then end up as three thin, clumped strands.

34. If you ever want to rock a hat or a beanie, you have to carefully part your hair to make it look like you even have hair on both sides, otherwise you’ll look bald.

35. You’ve thought about extensions, but you don’t even have enough hair to cover them up.

36. When all the cool hair trends like ombre and rainbow hair came in, you knew you could never pull them off because there’s no way your hair would survive being bleached.

37. Every time someone or a hairdresser recommends any type of Moroccan or argan oil beneficial for hair, you know it’s just gonna look liked you dunked your head in olive oil and walked out of the house.

38. Sometimes your hair just refuses to grow at all.

39. But if you’re blessed with fine hair that actually grows, you just keep growing it longer because that means you technically have more hair, right?

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