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16 Emotions Everyone Goes Through When Playing Mario Kart

The irrational hatred for Peach.

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1. Anticipation.

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You stretch, flex and settle on the lounge. You are ready to kick some butt.

2. Determination.

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You need to press the button at the exact right time to get that boost. You can do it.

3. Excitement.

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That gloating feeling when you jump from last to leading the pack is like no other.

4. Regret.

Nintendo / Via

The feeling of regret is ever lingering in this game. From wishing you chose Toad before your bastard housemate did, to regretting your choice of vehicle. There's a lot of "What ifs" during your three lap course.

5. Irrational hate for Peach.

Nintendo / Via

This needs no explaining.

6. Smugness.


For every time you destroy DK.

7. Stress.

Nintendo / Via tumblr_m423xnTp8s1qdmv0so1_500.gif

I mean, have you seen Rainbow Road?

8. Sadness.

Nintendo / Via

When you've used up all your shells too quickly and some dickhead targets you.

9. Panic.

Nintendo /
Nintendo /

For every single time you get overtaken.

10. Frustration.

Because unfortunately things like this happen WAY too often.

11. Full blown rage.

20th Century Fox

By the time you reach this emotion, you'll be swearing like a trooper. Maybe you got targeted by three shells in a row. Maybe the lightning bolt slowed you down just at the end. Maybe you fell off the course completely. It can be never-ending!

12. Weariness.


Sometimes by the time you get to lap three, it feels like you really have been physically driving this goddamn battle.

13. Pain.


For every time you lose to a less superior character. Not naming names or anything Peach.

14. Apathetic.

Nintendo / Via

Those times where you just give up. You've lost your lead. Sometimes you lose yourself. It's OK, we all have bad days.

15. Short-lived happiness.

Nintendo / Via

Dem bullet feels.

16. Elation.

Nintendo / Via

But only if you win.

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