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    Posted on 22 Sep 2016

    People Are Leaving The Most Aussie Comments On Shannon Noll's Facebook Posts

    "Anywho cob, best be off, hooroo champ, see ya nollsie, bye bye now."

    Australia's favourite son Shannon Noll recently uploaded this schmick new photo on his Facebook page.

    The photo is apparently for his new song "Who I Am", though Australian fans have taken it a little differently.

    There are song references...

    ...and apparently Nollsie just owes people a shitload of stuff.

    But he's your typical Aussie bloke, and they're just like that right?

    Nothing to see here but a bit of banter between the ~boiz~.

    This seems to be a pattern on Nollsie's Facebook uploads...

    Facebook: shannonnoll

    Nollsie, much like your uncle Bazza, just sucks at returning things. But it's fine, because you know he'll be the first to shout a round at the local pub.

    Please never stop Nollsie believers.

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