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    23 Jokes You'll Only Understand If You Watch "PLL"

    I.Marlene, y u always lyin'?

    1. This accurate representation of PLL fans:

    2. And the feeling you get when you try to explain the show to others:

    3. The truth about Ezra:

    4. And if Ali were truly honest.

    5. How this whole situation SHOULD have gone down:

    6. This valid description of the changes over time:

    7. Trying to solve every new mystery / A / Big Bad A / Uber A like:

    8. How I.Marlene King decides who the next villain is:

    Instagram: mypll

    9. TFW the gaping plot holes get you trippin':

    10. When you psych yourself up for each season finale then feel like you need to be admitted to Radley:

    Twitter: @liareactions

    11. And swear you'll never watch it again, before being inevitably sucked in:

    12. When you know the true meaning of the word feral:


    13. When you realise your six seasons deep and spent WAY too many hours thinking about this goddamn show:

    14. Every time the show gets renewed:

    15. This brutal summary of season six:

    16. Every fan who cannot give up, no matter how much they try:

    17. Because we're all in this until the very end:

    18. The evidence that A really doesn't seem that scary anymore:

    19. Everyone when Melissa made that killer burn to Spencer:

    20. This accurate depiction of all fans in about 50 years time:

    21. When even the stars of the show have to question all the lies:

    22. And when they can't pass up the opportunity to make a good joke...

    23. ...again and again.

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