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The 14 Types Of Emotions You Go Through At Sydney's Town Hall Station

The train station equivalent of hell.

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1. Dread / Via

It's that time of day and you know you have to make that train switch over at Town Hall Station.

2. Procrastination / Via

"Maybe instead of going to Town Hall station now, I'll just...clean my desk. And my manager's desk. And the receptionist's desk. And that dude I have never seen in my life, his desk too."

3. Bravery / Via BBC

You feel the power rush through you. You can do this. You can make it past all those people! YOU CAN WIN (...a seat on the train).

4. Worry / Via Fox Network

You've made it through the ticket gates, and you know that's not the worst of it. There's still reaching the actual platform.

5. Impatience

ABC / Via

Seriously, why do people WALK SO SLOW.

6. Stress / Via

How is everyone still acting semi-normal and not freaking out AT ALL THE RUDE, PUSHY PEOPLE.

7. Hyperventilation

Nickelodeon / Via

Just can't even anymore.

8. Fear

E4 / Via

You're lost in a sea of people, wedged under others armpits, drowning in B.O and being swept in a direction you're not even sure you're meant to be going in. It's the 5pm Town Hall rush. And it's terrifying.

9. Anger

The CW / Via

You get over your initial shock and feelings of fear and are consumed by a blind rage. Once the one being pushed, you've started pushing people, swearing angrily under your breath. You are out of control.

10. Rudeness

MTV / Via

There's not one part of you that wants to be polite to anyone anymore. You are getting on that next train. NO MATTER WHAT.

11. Weariness

Disney / Via

You've finally made your way onto a train and as you scout around for an empty seat, you are overcome by tiredness.

12. Resignation

Disney / Via

No seats. Fucking whatever. See if I care.

13. Short-lived joy

Fox / Via

You've found a seat FINALLY. Who cares if you're only one stop from home. You deserve that seat. You won that seat. Victory is yours.

14. Trepidation

The CW / Via

You may have made it home now, but sorry to break it to you. There's still tomorrow.

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