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    27 Photos That Will Make You Say "Me At Uni"

    "Please don't say it's a group assignment, please don't say it's a group assignment."

    1. When you read your first syllabus and wonder why you even came to university:

    2. When your textbooks are dense AF:

    3. When your lecturer calls on you to answer:

    4. And when you say the wrong answer:

    5. When your lectures all seem to be at 8am, like that's fair:

    6. When you have a group assignment and you're put with that bitch from your class:


    7. When you organise a time to meet with your group and no one shows up:

    8. Because group assignments are the worst:

    9. When you see your crush walking past you on campus:

    New Line Cinema

    10. When you can't afford furniture, because, well textbooks:

    11. When your desk decorations looked a little like this:

    Tahlia Pritchard

    12. When your parents ask what you want for your birthday and there's only one clear answer:

    13. And when they ask if you're maintaining a nutritious diet and you're like "Sure am!"

    14. Even though you're basically living off this:

    15. When you wake up after a night out and can't remember where you left your phone, ID and dignity:


    16. When you come to class hungover AF, but hey, at least you made it:

    17. When you're in class and your eyes are basically rolling in the back of your head:

    18. When you left an essay to the last minute:

    19. When you have to give a speech for an assignment:

    20. When you've got three assignments due and exams looming:

    21. And when your emotions get the best of you:

    22. When you're given second chances and you still can't get your shit together:

    23. When you decide to spend the day in the library but the lure of a nap becomes all too much:

    24. When you procrastinated all weekend but still showed up for the test like the champion you are:

    25. When you're super unprepared for an exam week and all of a sudden it starts tomorrow:

    26. When you actually do study and barely pass:

    27. And when you graduate and sure, you get that expensive piece of paper, but also, you get some great photo ops:

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