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    19 Times Aussies Trolled The Fuck Out Of Everyone

    Watch out for the drop bears.

    1. When this bloke had a hot scoop for the news.

    2. And when this newspaper took headlines to a whole new level.

    3. The time we named a swimming centre after a former prime minister who went missing at sea.

    4. And when we put our onions out to say a fitting goodbye to Tony Abbott.

    5. When supermarkets spoke the Aussie language to get through to its customers.

    6. When an Australian attempted to sell New Zealand on eBay.

    7. When this dude decided to have a little troll of the Woolies Facebook page...

    8. ...and they responded like this.

    9. When Derek literally didn't give a fuck.

    Speaking of great things that come out of Wagga and the surrounding regions:

    10. And when Charlie had a stereotypical Aussie answer.

    11. When the Australian dialect just became all too much for foreigners.

    12. Especially this insult vs. term of endearment.

    13. And when Maltesers took on a whole new meaning.

    "Is that a maltesers?"

    14. When every Aussie, at some stage in their life, tried to convince an international visitor that this happens.

    15. When the Aussies got the Americans all worked up again, and brought it home with the best ending.

    16. When guests on popular TV shows couldn't help but troll the shit out of everything.

    17. And when even our morning shows couldn't resist sliding in excessive puns.

    18. But perhaps the biggest trolls were the writers of this iconic TV show...

    ...because really, WTF Australia?

    19. And of course, let's not forget drop bears.

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