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18 Faces All '00s Emo Teens Will Recognise

Three cheers for '00s emo music.

1. When your parents said you couldn't go to Warped or Taste of Chaos.

Youtube: My Chemical Romance

2. When you found a pair of black skinny leg jeans that fit perfectly.

Youtube: Caroline Wilkinson / Via

3. When someone said they preferred Fall Out Boy's newer stuff to their older music.


4. When you heard about the end of Bert McCracken and Gerard Way's bromance.

Youtube: My Chemical Romance

5. When you dyed your hair and rocked the multi-coloured look.

Youtube: Fueled By Ramen / Via

6. And when your eye make-up was totally on point.

Theo Wargo / WireImage

7. When someone at school tried to say they loved one of your favourite bands but you knew they weren't a true fan.

"Have you even listened to their first album? HUH?!"

8. When Daily Mail ran a campaign saying the Emo genre was a 'cult'.

Youtube: Fueled By Ramen
Youtube: Fueled By Ramen

9. When you were at a party and the start of "The Downfall of Us All" by A Day To Remember started playing.

Photobucket: bdayalbum

10. When you listened to Underoath and the sound of Spencer Chamberlain and Aaron Gillespie's vocals made you feel alive.

11. When you pretended All American Rejects got too mainstream for you, but still rocked out to "Dirty Little Secret" in your room.

Youtube: AllAmericanRjctsVEVO

12. When you blared Taking Back Sunday's "MakeDamnSure" after an argument with a friend.

13. When The Academy Is... released Fast Times At Barrington High and you were a little confused.

14. When you perfected taking a selfie with a digital camera because iPhones weren't exactly a thing yet.

15. When the day finally came to see one of your favourite bands live.

Youtube: Jackie Crash

16. And when you'd attempt to sneak up to the front row of the moshpit.

Tim Mosenfelder / Getty Images

17. When the concert ended and you just didn't know how to feel.

Matthew Simmons / WireImage / Via Getty Images


18. And when people told you one day you'd get too old for emo music.

Youtube: 30 Seconds To Mars

No such thing.