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19 Things You Did At Uni That You Can't Really Do Anymore

Napping all day, every day.

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1. Having one week dedicated to drinking and meeting new people.

Screen Gems

O-Week was a pure gift.

2. Taking a cheeky 11am, 2pm and/or 5pm nap, every day if you wanted.


Can't do that at work unfortunately.

3. Staying up super late and sleeping in.


4. Sleeping literally anywhere.

Library, lectures, grounds of uni... you name it, someone's done it.

5. Skipping class because you can't be fucked.

Unfortunately you can rarely skip work because you don't give a fuck that day.

Unfortunately you can rarely skip work because you don't give a fuck that day.

6. Partying up to four nights a week and feeling fine.

7. Having casual drinks in between classes.


8. Taking long, leisurely lunches* that don't have a time limit.

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9. Rocking up to uni hungover and being able to leave after an hour or two.


Doesn't exactly fly when you have a boss unfortunately.

10. Drinking goon on the reg, and not being judged.

11. Eating Mi Goreng on the reg, and not being judged.

12. TBH just maintaining a terrible diet and not thinking twice about it, coz you're a student.

13. Having the time to bingewatch multiple TV series in a week.

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14. Taking luxurious long weekends (aka not planning any classes on Monday or Friday), just coz you can.


15. Really, just managing your schedule so you were only at uni two or three days tops.


16. Getting all sorts of discounts by using your student card.

17. Enjoying some longass, sunny holidays.

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Three months off in summer? Hell yeah!

18. Walking around uni in your trackie-daks because no one gave a shit.

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Have you tried doing that at work?

19. And not worrying about your student debt because you were still a student and that didn't concern you then.

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