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    23 Photos That Prove Hayley Williams Is A Hair Goddess

    She never meant to brag.

    1. When she made cute braids ridiculously punk.

    2. When her pixie cut was even more glamorous than you could ever imagine.

    3. When she teamed fierce eye make-up with an even more fierce hair colour.

    4. When she nailed that subtle sunrise vibe...

    5. ...and turned fiery with this rocker ponytail.

    6. When her hair shone bright next to the ultra-glam, dark-haired Veronicas.

    7. And when she rocked a short fringe like no other.

    8. When she won at life with this sleek two-toned 'do...

    9. ...before turning it into a funky ponytail.

    10. When she embodied perfection with this super-short, tousled bob.

    11. When she mixed orange with turquoise and still looked absolutely adorable.

    12. When you just couldn't tell what was more on point, Hayley's hair or her selfie game.

    13. When she looked like a fiery-haired angel with perfect bangs.

    14. When she first burst on the scene and every teenage girl wanted hair like this.

    15. When she was ethereally beautiful with teased, candyfloss-coloured hair.

    Venturelli / WireImage via Getty Images

    16. When her wavy blue bob was an absolute scene-stealer.

    Daniel Boczarski / Getty Images

    17. And when she rocked that turquoise vibe like no other.

    Andrew Benge / Getty Images

    18. When she went blonde and proved that every goddamn hair colour in the world suited her.

    Kris Connor / Getty Images

    19. When she channelled old-school glam with this chic look.

    Steve Granitz / WireImage via Getty Images

    20. When she embraced the subtle undercut trend, and took it one step further with eye-popping colours.

    Youtube: ParamoreThailand

    21. When her side fringe and quirky updo caused major hair envy.

    Gregg DeGuire / FilmMagic via Getty Images

    22. When she proved once and for all that no one can rock red hair quite like Hayley Williams.

    Jeff Kravitz / Getty Images

    23. Hayley Williams: hair goddess.

    Youtube: Fueled By Ramen


    Picture 14 originally showed an image of Hayley Williams with a pixie cut, but it was later identified as a fake photo.

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