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19 Times Brendon Urie Was Too Pure For This World

Protect him at all costs.

1. When he was honestly relatable af.

2. Time and time again.

3. When he had the perfect response to this tweet.

4. When he made a security guard hand him a pride flag during "Girls/Girls/Boys" in a live performance.

5. And when he introduced the song like this.

6. When he proved his babysitting skills.

7. When he knew how to work a pair of heels.

8. When he was content just chilling with his dog Penny.

9. When he was the most respectful punk-rocker.

10. When he was innovative.

11. When he decided to record Disney songs.

12. When he was just too damn precious in this crossover.

13. When he still got endless amusement out of this joke.

14. And when he was greatly amused at his last selfie.

15. When he used Vine to make a song about anything and everything.

16. Literally anything.

17. (Please just bring back Vine specifically for Brendon and P!ATD fans.)

18. When he was adorably excited to be appearing on The Tonight Show.

19. And when he was just basically a human emoji.

Never change Brendon.