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16 Photos That Show The Difference Between Coachella And Splendour

Because Byron's always gonna beat the desert.

1. Fashion at Coachella:

2. Fashion at Splendour:

3. Sunsets at Coachella:

4. Sunsets at Splendour:

5. Tents at Coachella:

6. Tents at Splendour:

7. Festival surrounds at Coachella:

8. Festival surrounds at Splendour:

9. Tweets about Coachella:

10. Tweets about Splendour:

11. Celebrities at Coachella:

12. Celebrities at Splendour:

All about the talent tbh.

13. Squad goals at Coachella:

14. Squad goals at Splendour:

15. Photo opps at Coachella:

16. And photo opps at Splendour:

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