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    If Housemates Were Honest On Facebook

    No housemates feelings were hurt in the making of this post.

    1. When you overhear them getting lucky.

    2. When you've been out all day and you come home to a complete mess.

    3. When you get all passive aggressive.

    4. When you're reminding them to pay rent in a "subtle" way.

    5. When they've left the door unlocked.

    6. When you're 10/10 done with their music taste.

    7. When one of them has left you a minuscule amount of milk to use.

    8. When you're not on board with what they're cooking for dinner.

    9. When they come stumbling home drunk on a work night.

    10. When they're boring you to tears with a story they've repeated at least five times already.

    11. When they haven't exactly used decent bathroom protocol.

    12. When they drink all your alcohol.

    13. When you just HAVE to point out their annoying habit.

    14. When you just really want to be alone.

    15. When you wish they'd use common sense.

    16. When you're calling out their hoarding ways.

    17. And when one day you move out, and realise how different life will actually be now.

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