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What Songs Did You Never Realise Were Actually About Sex?

We've all been there.

It happens to all of us: One minute you're enthusiastically singing along to a song, the next you're having an "OH FUCK THAT'S WHAT IT MEANS!!" moment.

Yep. I'm talking about songs that are actually about doing the sex.

Whether it's an old song that didn't click until you were way older...

...or a recently released one that took you a few listens before you realised...

Now that I know Side to Side is about bomb sex making it hard to walk, I like it way more. @ArianaGrande yes queen

...well, we've been there.

Oh, that song is about sex?!? I thought it was about dodging something by "moving side to side". I never get sex stuff.

So 'fess up. What song did you not instantly realise was about sex?

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