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    Introducing The Contestants For Australia's First Ever "The Bachelorette"

    There's no Blake Garvey in sight.

    The Australian version of The Bachelorette is premiering on September 23rd and the men vying for Sam Frost's affections have been revealed.


    So let's get to know them.

    1. Jared Leto's hair (Drew, 31)


    Drew is a sleep technician who applied for The Bachelorette after his concerned dad told him he couldn't just ride bikes for the rest of his life. So now he's ready to win the race for Sam's heart instead.

    2. Just your all-round Aussie bloke (Dave, 30)


    Aussie bloke Dave grew up in Darwin where he participated in very Aussie things like riding motorbikes and looking out for crocs, because he's very Aussie. Dave is a plumber who would like five children of his own one day. Which isn't intimidating or anything.

    3. Craig Wing's dimples (Davey, 25)


    Davey is a carpenter whose "friend put him forward for the show" which we totally believe. A self-confessed WOM (women over mates) Davey is looking to put an end to his persistent heartbreak and find true love, so it's lucky that his "friend" did put him forward.

    4. Your year 12 formal date (David, 31)


    David #3 may look like that guy you awkwardly danced with at end of school formal, but he's actually an International Model.

    5. Definitely rented that suit (Kayne, 25)


    When Kayne isn't wearing tablecloths as collared shirts, he works in a remote mining community in Western Australia. He thought vying for a woman's affection with 13 other dudes is an "extraordinary way to meet someone".

    6. Walter White (Alex, 35)


    Alex, unfortunately isn't a science teacher, but a financial consultant. Alex speaks three languages (show off) and now calls Bondi home.

    7. Blue Velvet (Kieren, 28)


    Kieren is an exercise physiologist who was picked for the show after a "girl at work" "submitted his application." When he's not busy pretending not to write his own application, Kieren enjoys outdoor activities, which is so rare on this show.

    8. The Dark Knight (Michael, 34)


    Michael is a professional football player who is going to stand out from the other Bachelors by "just being himself", which is probably great advice for Sam's ex Blake Garvey.

    9. Stumbled onto set by accident, thought "may as well get a photo" (Luke, 28)


    Luke is a marketing manager hailing from NSW, who's biggest fear is to be called "boring." Luke isn't actively looking for love, nor was he actively looking for this photo op, but we'll see what happens.

    10. White Male #10 (Richie, 30)


    Richie left his job in real estate to pursue his true love - becoming a professional abseiler. We hope there's some professional abs under there also.

    11. The guy that looks like he should be hosting the show (Sasha, 30)


    Sasha is a construction manager who counts his biggest achievements as playing representative rugby in England AS WELL as being the dux of his school. While there's nothing quite like living in the past, Sasha says he would trade all his accomplishments and school badges for love.

    12. Vance Joy's long-lost cousin (Shane, 28)


    Shane is a charity ambassador whose favourite pick-up line varies from "excuse me" to "hello". His dream date would be filled with lots of fun and giggles.

    13. Zac Efron's older brother (Tony, 32)


    Tony is an airplane cabin manager who says he is going into the mansion without having done any research on Sam Frost, so he starts with a clean slate. Stay tuned for the episode where he hears about The Bachelor, season two.

    14. James Blunt (Will, 31)


    Just like the other original hipsters, Will brews coffee in the morning, and rocks out with his band Will and The Stokers at night. He prides himself on his naturally straight teeth and his pick-up line, “Did you see me onstage singing in that band just then?”

    View the full profiles here.

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