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    Posted on 14 Jul 2017

    23 Kind Of Strange Habits People Learned From Their Parents

    Look, we all eventually turn into our parents.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community what weird habits they've picked up from their parents. Here are the best responses.

    The WB

    1. Never grab the first item on the shelf.

    "When grocery shopping, my mom never took the first item off the shelf, but one the second or third back. I personally think it's paranoia but she says it's because the first ones are more likely to have been returned or restocked. I would always make fun of her for it, but I now do it out of habit after years of grocery shopping with her!"

    —Shannon O'Connell, Facebook

    2. Always double-check your locked door.

    "I have to jiggle the front door knob before I leave, even if I know I just locked it five seconds ago. My mom's a little paranoid, and I've taken on some of it."

    —Emily Rosen, Facebook

    3. Reuse, reuse, and reuse.

    "My parents and grandparents always washed and reused Ziploc bags, aluminum foil, yogurt tubs, etc. until they got holes in them. I didn't realise that other people didn't do it until I lived with other people in college and saw my roommate throw away a sandwich bag that was used once and asked him why he didn't just rinse it out."

    —Mars Ballantyne, Facebook

    4. You can never have too much toilet paper.

    5. Break eggs separately.

    "I break an egg in a separate bowl in case a piece of egg shell falls in."

    —Tammy Lovato Bennett, Facebook

    6. Hoard plastic bags.

    "Keeping plastic bags and I'm constantly wiping down the counters because my mum does that too."


    7. Save wrapping paper.

    "My little sister saves wrapping paper to use time and time again, which is something my mom and my grandma do a lot."


    8. Map out the grocery store.

    "Growing up I would always watch my mom make her grocery list, which she wrote on a piece of paper based on an imaginary store layout. This was something she learned from her mom, and now I can’t make a grocery list any other way!"


    9. Towels for decoration only.

    "Towels in my bathrooms hung for decoration only. I used to laugh at this when i was a kid. Now I have become that person. Thanks, Mom."


    10. Use dishwashers for storage.

    "My mom doesn't believe in dishwashers, everything has to be hand-washed and THEN you can let it dry in the dishwasher."


    11. And the oven too.

    "My mom keeps all her pots in the oven (like most Latina mothers do) and ever since I've lived on my own I've done the same thing. It's great and saves space until you turn on the oven and forget to take them out."


    12. Always push food onto your guests.


    "Jeez, there's about a million between my Greek mum and grandmother.

    1. Always crossing yourself when you pass a cemetery.

    2. Cookie tins are for sewing supplies, not more cookies. Sucker.

    3. Ironing all sheets and pillowcases so they'll 'look neat'.

    4. Making sure you have something special to offer someone to eat in case they drop by... ('Don't touch that! That's for 'COMPANY!').

    5. It's bad luck to throw away bread, so you should feed it to birds or bury it. (Yes, I know it's not great for birds, but try telling a grandma that.)"


    13. Be nifty and thrifty.

    "I have habits that are two generations deep. I learned it from my mom who learned it from her mom. When the salad dressing or spaghetti sauce or whatever is almost gone, add a little water to make sure you get it all out. Instead of throwing away t-shirts, use them as cleaning rags. Use vinegar instead of buying cleaning solution."


    14. Indulge in the simple freebies.

    "Every time we went to a fast food restaurant, my parents would take a stack of napkins to keep in the glove compartment in the car. Now I do it no matter where I am, or who I'm with, just on instinct. I'm always left with a ridiculous stack of napkins because I don't even own a car."


    15. Take your shoes off.

    "Raised in an Asian household there are so many strange habits I've picked up from my parents — taking a bunch of free plastic silverware and napkins to use at home, taking my shoes off whenever I go into houses, putting egg shells into plants, and using a tabo in the bathroom (only Filipinos would understand what this is)."


    16. Always arrive at an airport early.


    "I have to get to the airport at least three hours before my flight. I travelled with some friends recently and we didn't get to the airport until 1–1.5 hours before the flight. I honestly felt sick to my stomach. Thanks, Dad."


    17. Leftovers belong in freezer bags.

    "My mother cooks every night and always has tons of leftovers. Even with two fridges, she would have no room with Tupperware. She uses gallon freezer bags for EVERY single thing; pasta, meats, beans, veggies, etc.. Now I do the same, and store absolutely everything in plastic baggies."


    18. Heat up your plates.

    "Heating up plates in the microwave before putting food on them, because 'you can't eat hot food off a cold plate'. And putting smelly rubbish (like fish scraps) in a plastic bag in the freezer until rubbish collection day."


    19. Show excitement.

    "Now my dad, he has this weird thing where he rubs his hands together super fast, like, at the speed of light, when he gets excited. When a waiter brings his order, he gets a package in the mail, his team scores a touch down... you will see him practically starting a fire rubbing the palms of his hands. And now I do the same thing!"


    20. Shake the laundry.

    "Whenever my mom takes laundry out of the washer, she always shakes it out before putting it in the dryer. She has done this all my life and apparently it's something she picked up from her mom. It's something I have started doing now as well."


    21. Scrounge for coins.

    "Every time I walk past a vending machine, or something where you use coins to pay or get coins as change, I need to check if there are still coins in there that people left behind. My father has done this since I can remember, but I only recently started doing it. One day my father checked all of the parking ticket machines for coins and didn't find any coins, but when I checked the only one he forgot, I found 40 cents. Since then, I have to check every time."


    22. The unconscious mimic.

    "Whenever my dad used to answer the phone when I was little he would say 'yellow' instead of 'hello'. I never understood why he did it until I realised my grandpa did it too. Not sure where it came from before then but now I catch myself saying it when answering the phone."


    23. And the age-old kitchen rule.

    "Top drawer cutlery, second drawer other utensils, third drawer Glad Wrap, foil, baking paper, freezer bags, fourth drawer tea towels."

    —Rhiannon Sayers, Facebook

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