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FYI, "Pretty Little Liars" Actor Tammin Sursok Has The Most Adorable Daughter

She's just too much.

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You may know Tammin Sursok from a variety of ventures: Home and Away, The Young and The Restless, and Pretty Little Liars, for example.


But when she's away from TV dramas, she's busy raising her daughter Phoenix.

And goddamn aren't they just the most adorable duo?

Honestly, Phoenix is too pure and precious for this world.

Those curls would even make angels gently weep.

Instagram: @tamminsursok

And that cheeky grin is too damn cute.

Instagram: @tamminsursok

Like, tbh I didn't like children up until this point.

Instagram: @tamminsursok

Also how is a three-year-old so damn fashionable?

She dresses better than I do tbh.

And please take a moment to watch this video of her slow dancing to Ed Sheeran.

I have actually melted into a puddle on the ground, goodbye.

Please never stop sharing sweet moments Tammin.

Instagram: @tamminsursok