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    23 Situations All Awkward People Have Found Themselves In Before

    "How are you?" "JUST LOOKING."

    1. Asking someone to repeat themselves, laughing along when you still didn't hear what they said, and just praying they said something funny.


    "Oh, I said my grandpa passed away late last year..."

    "HAHA, oh man, that's a classic."

    2. Saying something profoundly stupid when you pass a colleague in the hallway.

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    "Oh, hello, what are you doing here?"

    3. Or again, interrupting the silence of the elevator to blurt out something awkwardly.


    4. Making any kind of small talk, ever.


    "How long have you been working here?"

    "Some would say, FAR TOO LONG, haha!"

    **Why did I just say that to my new boss**.

    5. Saying, "You too!" when your waiter tells you to enjoy your meal.

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    6. Telling your barista too much of your life story when they ask how your weekend was.


    "Oh man I drank far too much on Saturday night, then went home and sang a Mariah Carey duet with my cat."

    *5 minutes later*: "Why didn't I just say 'good thanks'?"

    7. Going in to hug people and accidentally going in on the same side as them, so you nearly wind up kissing them.


    8. Trying to pose for a nice photo and either looking like a demon or a strange little goblin.

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    9. Waving back to someone who definitely wasn't waving to you.

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    10. Not being able to accept a compliment for the life of you.

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    "I love that dress on you!"

    "Ohhhhh, yeah, I was just on my way to get an apple."

    11. Avoiding eye contact, like it's going to give you some plague.

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    12. Ignoring all phone calls and then typing out a text or email like, "Oh gosh, I'm sorry I missed your call!!!" and praying the person just writes back to you.

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    13. Ignoring their call again when they decide they're too old-fashioned for emails or texts.


    14. Making up really strange excuses when you're put on the spot, because your brain basically stopped functioning.


    "So sad you couldn't make our launch party last week!"

    "Oh god yeah, it sucked, I'm so sorry, my pet... rock died."

    15. Having an awkward silence settle amongst people you've only recently met, and saying something to fill that void.


    16. Going to a party and basically knowing no one.


    17. Flirting with a new crush and saying something incredibly desperate or stupid.


    18. Meeting your partner's family for the first, second, and third time.


    Let's not pretend the awkwardness dies after just one meeting.

    19. Getting flustered when someone calls on you in a meeting and basically word-vomiting everywhere.


    20. And dreading the moment someone new starts in your office and you have to go around the room introducing yourselves.


    "Hi I'm Tahlia and uh, a fun fact about myself, uh where do I begin, one time I spewed out my nose when I was hungover, I guess that's a fact, it wasn't very fun though, which probably defeats the purpose of this convo, never ask me anything again."

    21. Running into the next aisle at a grocery store or shop, because you saw someone you knew, and you're not mentally prepared to talk to them.


    22. Then winding up next to them in self-serve checkout, still being mentally unprepared, and just smiling like this.


    23. And the age old classic: Stepping one way to avoid someone on the sidewalk, having them do the same, then both stepping back the same way.

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