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21 Times Demi Lovato Was Totally Iconic

Slay, queen Demi, slay.

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1. When she looked like a queen working it for the camera.

2. When she looked fierce AF without a shred of make-up on.

3. When she continued to fight the good fight and be a positive role model for young girls.

4. When she called out the entertainment industry.

5. When she looked ridiculously adorable in this onesie.

6. When she had the most infectious smile of all time.

7. When she gave a hair toss that put all other pop stars to shame.

8. When she looked completely adorable with her new puppy.

9. When she stated what we already knew to be true.

10. When she came back, stronger than ever with "Skyscraper."

11. When she made this whole look work perfectly.

12. When she called out Simon Cowell.

13. Again and again.

14. When she looked super cute showing off her freckles.

15. When her hair was ridiculously glam.

16. When you just wanted to cheer for her.

17. When she rocked this vibrant colour and fierce undercut.

18. When Simon Cowell said what we all knew anyway.

19. When she looked super sexy rocking the neon hair.

20. When she didn't take herself too seriously.

21. And when she encouraged her fans to stay strong and once again reinforced that she's an amazing role model.