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    Posted on 25 Jul 2016

    16 Things You Missed Out On If You Didn't Go To Splendour In The Grass This Year

    Festival food has really stepped up a notch.

    1. First up, it was really hot apparently.

    Well, for winter anyway.

    2. So there was MINIMAL mud this time.

    Nick Wray / BuzzFeed

    Minus the part under the water tap.

    3. A snake rocked up to see what was going on, and people lost their goddamn minds.

    #SnakeInTheGrass2016 spotted near the Splendour Mix Up Stage #SITG2016

    4. Chris Hemsworth was there.

    BuzzFeed / Nick Wray

    5. As was Mark Ruffalo.


    6. People got stranded for a good three hours on the first night waiting for buses.

    The "line" for the buses at #SITG2016 been waiting for 65mins so far. Poor form #Splendour organisers @secretsounds

    7. The outfits were, of course, next-level.

    Nick Wray / BuzzFeed
    Nick Wray / BuzzFeed

    8. People definitely got creative to get the most out of the festival.

    9. Guy Sebastian showed up for a performance with Paces.

    When @guysebastian joins @pacesmusic on stage for an incredible performance of #Desert 🙀🙌🏝 #guysebastian

    10. The Cure played a THREE HOUR SET.

    you, two hours into The Cure's Splendour set: When is this gonna end? It all sound the same. Me, incredibly woke: Robert Smith is bae

    30 songs!

    11. The food was far from your typical festival grub.

    12. There was a big pink poo.

    13. And some pretty epic sunsets.

    14. People weren't happy with Pauline Hanson.

    Artist led "Fuck Pauline Hanson"'s I counted at #SITG2016 : 3. I'm sure there were more.

    15. In fact, Flume closed the whole festival with a Pauline Hanson send-off:

    "Fuck Pauline Hanson! Goodnight," says @flumemusic as he closes #SITG2016

    16. And people really struggled to get home.

    Three hours of waiting in this exact position in the campground. Props on the organisation Splendour #SITG

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