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    21 Sims Reactions For Everyday Situations

    Minus the mysteriously missing pool ladders.

    1. When you're so hungry you just want to shove some food in your face.

    2. When you were the first one out of your friends to hit puberty.

    3. When your boss asks if you've finished a task and you haven't even started.

    4. When your housemate gets a new love interest and you're all alone.

    5. When you come home drunk and try to brush your teeth.

    6. When you mess up your winged eyeliner.

    7. When you're trying to convince your friend that the book you're reading is really good.

    8. When you read Fifty Shades of Grey for the first time.

    9. When your friend insults your new celebrity crush.

    10. When you've made some sweet gains at the gym.

    11. When you're home alone and get the chance to rock out.

    12. When you buy a new pair of heels and can't walk in them.

    13. When you put your make-up on in the dark.

    14. When your night out was just TOO big.

    15. When you have to pretend your friend's baby is cute.

    16. Seriously though.

    17. When someone you don't like starts talking to you.

    18. When you're out at the club and your favourite song comes on.

    19. When you're throwing shade at your former flame.

    20. When you really put your foot in it.

    21. And when you've run out of fucks to give.