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    17 Dogs That Will Make Your Day Instantly Better

    So. Damn. Cute.

    1. This guy who's just so happy to see you.

    2. This precious pup, who's ready for a hug.

    3. And this little irresistible face.

    4. These guys who are the three best friends that anybody could have.

    5. This adorable face that fills your heart with so much happiness.

    6. And this cheeky devil.

    7. This pug caught in a moment of happiness.

    8. And this pooch who is camera ready.

    9. This guy just enjoying the sun.

    10. And this one that wants to show you the view.

    11. This little lady basking in a moment of relaxation.

    12. And this cuddly pup who's so damn content with life.

    13. This big cheeky smile that will make all your worries disappear.

    14. And these puppy dog eyes that will melt even the coldest of hearts.

    15. This fella, who's just enjoying a cool-down.

    16. This super happy blue heeler duo.

    17. And this pit bull with a smile so big, it'll make you smile too.

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