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    Posted on 7 Dec 2015

    19 Gifts That All Twentysomethings Actually Want

    All I want for Christmas is... some money to play with after rent is paid.

    1. A fridge full of alcohol that never runs out.

    2. A voucher for groceries, strictly limiting mi goreng consumption.

    Antonio_diaz / Getty Images

    Well, buy all the mi goreng if you want, but it's nice to have a break when the groceries are FOR FREE.

    3. A donation towards health insurance.

    4. Car rego for the year.


    5. Our missing dignity from approximately eight years ago.

    6. A full night's sleep without interruptions.


    7. Access to any previously deleted Myspace, Livejournal or Tumblr accounts.

    Cartoon Network

    So many growing up truths that have now been lost.

    8. An offer to cover rent for the month.

    9. A ban on hearing the term "So when are you settling down?"

    Warner Bros /

    10. Motivation to go to the gym on a regular basis.


    11. University bills to be vanquished.

    Universal Pictures

    12. An automatic Facebook filter that wipes out any new engagement or baby news from random high school friends.


    13. An automatic Tinder filter that gets rid of all the fuckboys.

    Jive Records

    14. A year's supply of tickets to see our favourite bands.

    15. For all hangovers to magically disappear.


    16. For drunk food binges not to count the next day.

    Warner Bros

    17. An all-expenses-paid holiday.


    18. A raise or bonus... mainly to have some leftover coin to play with after paying rent.

    Paramount Pictures

    19. And the ability to instantly silence any racist, sexist or homophobic fuckwits.


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