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27 Feelings That Make Everyone Instantly Happy

There's no such thing as a bad sleep on fresh sheets.

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1. Fresh sheets on your bed.


2. The smell of coffee in the morning.

3. Walking barefoot on freshly cut grass.

4. Hearing your all time favourite song unexpectedly.


5. The first sip of wine after a long day.

6. The opening credits of a movie you've been holding out to see.

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7. A long weekend.


9. When you have something stuck in your teeth for ages and you finally get it out.

10. Brushing your teeth and feeling all minty fresh.

11. Finding a stray $5 note floating around the street.


12. Going for a swim on a hot summer's day and immersing yourself completely underwater.


13. Hugging a relative or friend you haven't seen in ages.


14. Waking up early on Saturday thinking you have to go to work, but then realising it's the weekend.


15. Listening to rain on a tin roof.

16. The smell of freshly baked cookies.

17. Snuggling under a big fluffy blanket in winter, with your favourite Netflix shows.

18. When your parents / housemates agree that it's takeaway night for dinner.


19. Seeing your food being brought over to you at a restaurant.

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20. Being recognised for hard work / getting a promotion.


21. Finally releasing a stubborn sneeze.


22. Receiving packages.

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Especially if you drunk-ordered something and forgot about it.

23. Being home alone and doing whatever the fuck you want.

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Pants optional.

24. When payday finally rolls around.

26. Returning home after you've been away for a while.


Bonus: when your parents cook your favourite meal upon your return.

27. And doing something nice for another person.

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