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    Sam Frost Has Explained Why She's Decided To Delete Her Social Media Accounts

    "Social media makes me feel extremely anxious and I don't want it to make me feel like that anymore."

    Amid rumours of a split with Sasha Mielczarek, radio host and former Bachelorette star, Sam Frost, has deleted her social media accounts.


    Frost's last post called out New Idea magazine for perpetuating rumours of a split between the couple.

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    "Spoilers; Social media isn't the real world. The media isn't the real world. We actually prefer to keep social media out of out relationship because that is what works for us," Frost wrote at the time.

    Frost explained her reasoning this morning on the Rove & Sam show, saying she already feels better and less anxious after deleting her accounts.

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    "I just decided to go on a digital detox," she said. "I'm not doing a Bieber and being like 'that's it forever!' I just need a break. Social media makes me feel extremely anxious and I don't want it to make me feel like that anymore."

    Frost stated she has had troubles ignoring negative comments on Instagram and Twitter, admitting to unfollowing Mielczarek "months ago", to avoid seeing them.

    Instagram: @Sash1313 / Via

    "Who cares what other people say, is what I’m trying to tell myself, but unfortunately I find it difficult to navigate my way through social media."

    Frost also admitted to not feeling "cut out for the industry" because of how difficult she finds it to switch off from the negativity.

    Twitter: @Sam_Frost

    This isn't the first time Frost has experienced difficulty with her high social media profile. Earlier this year after a trip to Bali, she tweeted "To the fake accounts heavily trolling me online and in my personal life. If you wanted to break me... Congratulations you have won."

    Frost later explained the heavy trolling had led to anxiety and depression, saying she got to the point where she "didn't want to leave the house".

    "Lot's of people do say, 'well you asked for this' and it's like yeah I did this show (The Bachelor) and I opened up my love life, but I didn't expect it to be like this."

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    "I don't think anyone can predict what the fallout would be, or how it's going to change their life," she said.

    Frost went on to say she's just going to focus on her "gorgeous boyfriend, family, and job".

    Instagram: @sash1313 / Via

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