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9 Aug 2016

People Are So Sad That Harambe, The Gorilla Who Died, Is Missing The Olympics

"It's so weird not seeing Harambe at the Olympics."

The Rio Olympics have kicked off, but people can't help but feel like something, or rather someone, is missing.

John Sommers Ii / Getty Images

Harambe (the gorilla who died). Obviously.

Some just can't believe the Olympics have rolled around again, and Harambe isn't here to celebrate the event.

Can't believe it's our first Summer Olympics without Harambe

You know who loved watching Judo in the Summer Olympics? Harambe did, you guys.

it's so weird not seeing Harambe in the Olympics 🙁

tfw u realize neither barb nor harambe r alive 2 see this olympics

Others believe the Olympics is a convenient cover-up for Harambe's death.

The olympics are just a cover up to make people forget what happened to Harambe. Jet fuel can't melt steel beams. #openyoureyesamerica

The Olympics distracting from Harambe's death #staywoke

There was sadness for the lost opportunity...

#Harambe would have won every gold medal. Please dedicate these #Olympics to him

Petition to enter and compete in the olympics as "the peoples republic of harambe"

...and most just wanted a tribute for our fallen brother.

Still waiting for a tribute for Harambe at the olympics

Can't believe they haven't had a moment of silence at the Olympics for harambe

I will not be watching the Olympics unless they give an honorary gold medal to Harambe.

Let's always remember, the spirit of Harambe lives and breathes in us all.

During the @Olympics, we mustn't forget the true champion within our hearts. #Harambe dared us to do great things!

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