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    27 Of The Best Reality TV Shows To Binge-Watch

    Because it's totally OK to escape your own reality.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community their fave reality TV shows to binge-watch. Here are the best responses.

    1. Teen Mom


    The show follows a group of teens, and the highs and lows of the first few years of motherhood.

    "I love watching the kids and the mothers grow up and experience all the challenges and victories that come with being a young parent."


    2. Vanderpump Rules


    Vanderpump Rules follows the lives of the staff in Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant SUR. And boy oh boy, does it get dramatic.

    "You will not regret watching five seasons of Vanderpump Rules. It's reality TV gold."


    3. America's Next Top Model


    The series follows a group of models competing against each other to win the title of... well, America's Next Top Model.

    "I love seeing the transformation of the girls from the first episode to the end. Plus some great drama always goes down in the house, and who doesn't love Tyra Banks?"


    4. Hell's Kitchen


    The cooking competition pits together two teams of chefs, competing for the job of head chef at a restaurant.

    "It's the perfect cooking show because it has mini-challenges, punishments, rewards, and an actual restaurant full of people that the chefs have to serve. The best part though is Gordon Ramsay roasting the chefs – if you're a Gordon Ramsay fan, this is definitely the show for you!"


    5. Rupaul's Drag Race


    The show documents RuPaul searching for the next drag superstar and is the highest-rating television program on Logo.

    "Comedy, drama, the music every season is unique, and no two queens are the same! I would absolutely recommend it to everyone."


    6. Keeping Up With the Kardashians (and the spinoffs)


    You guys know what this is all about – the addictive series follows the lives of the Kardashian clan, their ups and downs, successes, and overall life drama.

    "The drama of the show is like a train wreck that I can't take my eyes off."


    7. Made in Chelsea


    Chronicling the lives of young and wealthy people in West London, the series follows their heartbreaks and overall antics.

    "It's by far the best reality show to binge-watch! The cast, humour, and drama is addictive."


    8. Pretty Wild


    The series documents the life of three "sisters" as they make their way on the Hollywood social scene. It only lasted one season but, man, it's a wild ride.

    "The girls are an absolute train wreck, which means it makes for great TV."

    –Rebecca Bennett, Facebook

    9. Bad Girls Club


    The show focuses on seven women from different backgrounds and with different personalities, as they come together to live in a mansion for three months.

    "There's so much trash and drama that even my boyfriend binge-watches with me. Every single season I start off loving some girls and hating the others, and then by the end of the season it's the other way around."


    10. The Real World


    The show puts together a group of young adults and films them non-stop as they move together to a new city.

    "With all the drama and hook-ups it's impossible to tear my eyes away. It's awful and I love it."


    11. The Bachelor franchises

    Network 10

    The hugely popular reality show follows the journey of one man (or woman's) quest for love.

    "Everyone who watches knows it's ridiculous. But it sucks you in when you start watching and you get invested. Plus, it's fun to watch with people, make fun of the limo entrances, and make bets on who you think will win."


    12. 90 Day Fiancé


    The series follows couples who have 90 days to decide to marry before their visas expire.

    "It drives you crazy and you feel tempted to jump in the TV to knock some sense into the characters. I can't seem to stop watching it!"


    13. Gypsy Sisters


    The show was a spin-off of My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding, and follows the crazy lives of the Stanley women, led by gossip-loving mother Nettie.

    "The drama is constant and unbelievable. I live for it."


    14. Laguna Beach


    The show followed the personal lives of a group of Californian teens, and was originally narrated by Lauren Conrad as she finished her senior year of high school.

    "I started watching it one day after I watched The Hills and became addicted (mostly because I loved young Lauren Conrad!)."


    15. Jersey Shore


    The dramatic series followed the lives of eight housemates spending their summer on, you guessed it, the Jersey Shore.

    "It's addictive seeing the drama and hilarious situations unfold in every episode. Who can resist some crazy Snooki dance moves and hilarious one-liners from everyone else!"


    16. Say Yes To The Dress


    The show documents the experiences of the staff at Kleinfeld's in Manhattan, as they try to help each and every bride achieve their dreams.

    "The Kleinfeld's staff is just loaded with funny and kind people, especially Randy! I love seeing the brides and their dresses – it makes me excited for my future wedding!"


    17. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team


    Each year, hundreds of young women audition to become a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys and are put through a series of training camp systems to see if they can make the cut.

    "It’s the behind-the-scenes look of real-life dance drama that performers almost always go through."


    18. Flavor of Love


    Along similar lines to The Bachelor, twenty women competed against each other to win Flavor Flav's love... except instead of roses, the women who made it through to the next week received gold clocks to wear around their neck.


    19. The Only Way Is Essex


    Described as the UK version of The Hills, the show follows the lives of a bunch of twentysomethings and their escapades in Essex.

    "This is my guilty obsession. It's been on for a long time and I'm hooked, but I miss the OG cast."


    20. Chrisley Knows Best

    USA Network

    The show centres around real estate mogul Todd Chrisley and his family, except their lives aren't always as picture-perfect as they look.

    "I watched all five seasons within six days! I promise you, you will not stop laughing."


    21. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills


    The show follows around a group of ladies from Beverly Hills and the dramas in their friendships and personal lives.

    "They fulfill my need to watch ridiculousness at the end of a long work day."


    22. Real Housewives of New York


    Pretty much the same premise as the show above, just with New York housewives.

    "I wish I could be best friends with Bethenny Frankel."


    23. The Real Housewives of New Jersey


    Same as above, but with New Jersey housewives.

    "The best Real Housewives feud of all time: Teresa Giudice vs. Danielle Staub. Classic. Timeless. Iconic."


    24. Bridalplasty


    Twelve brides compete for the grand prize of a dream wedding and their dream body through plastic surgery.

    "Each week, one bride will be eliminated, and one bride will win a plastic surgery off her wish list. Great cast of characters. And by characters I mean real brides. There is no reality TV villain better than Janessa."


    25. Below Deck


    The show follows a bunch of young people working and living on board a luxury yacht.

    "It's such a good show filled with drama and laughter. It shows what it is like to work on a charter yacht and what the people do."


    26. Catfish


    Nev and Max travel around helping people find out whether the person they've fallen in love with online actually exists or not.

    –Megan Elizabeth Myers, Facebook

    27. Survivor


    A bunch of strangers are taken to an isolated location, where they must provide food, shelter, fire etc. for themselves. The contestants compete in challenges to win immunity – those who don't, go to tribunal to face being eliminated. In the end, there can only be one winner.


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