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It's Rumoured Matty J Might Propose During This Year's Finale Of "The Bachelor"

But remember the last Bachelor AU proposal?

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Remember how last week Matty J was announced as the new Bachelor?

We all saw it coming, but after seeing him get his heart ripped out and thrown into a Singapore pond last year, the thought of him finding true love is nice.

Anyway, before the series has even finished filming, Matty has said in an interview to OK! magazine he might just propose.

Well, make of this what you will. The article said that if all went to plan on the show, a spring wedding could be on the cards. However, Matty J was quoted as saying this: “I would like a casual wedding, ideally in spring, and outside." So who knows, maybe he means spring of 2018. Or 2019. Or 2020. Whenever you're ready Matty J.

While the US version of The Bachelor normally ends in a proposal, let's take a walk down memory lane to see what happened in Australia last time...

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Hmmm. Better luck to you Matty J.