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18 Questions America Really Needs To Answer About 2016

You have a lot of explaining to do America.

1. I mean, first things first. Why?!

Tom Pennington / Getty Images

2. Did you learn nothing, even after Brexit?

3. Do you now regret everything?

4. Have you guys forgiven Florida yet?

5. While I have your attention, what is with your obsession with pumpkin spice-related things?

6. I mean, is pumpkin spice really that good?

7. And what's with mixing foods together that honestly should never, ever be combined?!

I'm not mad America, I'm just worried.

8. On a scale of 1-10 how much will you miss this guy?

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

9. What happened to your national hero, Damn Daniel?

10. We already knew 2016 was a punish... but the clowns America? Really?

Getty / Via

11. But like, seriously, what the fuck is going on over there?

Gardner Police Department / Via Facebook: GardnerPoliceDepartment

12. How have you still not sorted gun control out?

13. And why on earth are you still using the imperial system?

14. Have you figured out how to pay people properly, so you can just scrap the tipping thing already?

15. Have you guys moved on from Harambe yet?

16. Um, can you please explain this? / Via

What on earth were in your nuggets before?!

17. Also, do you guys really have to sue for everything? / Via

No offense guys, but it's kinda your fault if you thought a big ol' burrito only had 300 calories.

18. And finally, did you guys just wanna move here until 2020?

Twitter: @JudiBlaylock

Just don't arrive by boat.

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