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What Song Lyrics Totally Went Over Your Head As A Kid?

Oh, that's what "2 become 1" means.

Growing up, there were many bands we loved as kids...

YouTube: BackstreetBoysVEVO / Via

...and probably still do to this very day.

But let's be real, when you're a child and enthusiastically singing along to a song, it's easy to miss the ~true~ meaning of some of the lyrics.

Thanks mum and dad for sitting through my enthusiastic Spice Girls performance as a 7-year-old and keeping a straight face during "2 become 1".

Ever listened back to a song and had that sudden, "Ohhh that's what it meant!" realisation?

Ohhh OK, yep, "Semi-Charmed Life" is about drugs, cool.

So spill: What song did you love as a kid, where the lyrics went completely over your head?

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