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Proof That Demi Lovato Is The Realest On Twitter

"Don't give a f$@! what people think about you..."

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When she started her Twitter account and sounded just like the rest of us:

When she conned a new name for Hollywood:

When she felt the pain of mid-season finales:

When she got vocal about eating disorders:

When she called out The Disney Channel:

When she spoke out for equality:

When she reminded us of what's really important:

When she just doesn't give a f$@!:

When she had the best hair on twitter:

When she said what we've all thought at some stage:

When she remained one step ahead of the game:

When she spoke out against the #haters:

When she fangirled just like the rest of us:

When she had her priorities in order:

When she spoke real talk:

When she succumbed to the Candy Crush curse and proved she's only human:

When she had an awkward run in...with herself:

When she threw serious shade to Perez Hilton:

And when she was just downright hilarious:

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