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    18 Hacks For Thin Hair That People Live By

    I got 99 problems and, like, two strands of hair.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community their hacks for dealing with thin hair. Here are some of the best answers*. / Via

    *Obviously what works for some people, won't always work for others. But if your thin hair struggles are all too real, any advice can be helpful!


    I use a tiny, tiny amount of shampoo, and I only use conditioner on the bottom half of my hair, air dry it, and then put anti-frizz serum in. This always helps keep my hair looking nice and keeps it from greasing up for more than a day.



    First off, change your routine fairly frequently. I find my hair gets used to products after a while, and the ones that worked wonderfully at first, end up not doing what they used to be able to. Products that have worked for me have been Big Sexy Hair and Lush's Big.

    As far as techniques go, always blow dry upside-down, with a brush that has bristles that wrap all the way around. I've found that the plastic ones work best, as the hair ones just make static for me.




    Sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner! The waxes and other things in cheaper products weigh down my hair and make it greasy faster.



    Shampoo only the roots, condition only the ends. Also I have found that using a MORE moisturising conditioner makes my hair LESS greasy, because my hair's not trying to compensate. Any treatment I do is just on the mid-length to ends.

    –Claire Miller, Facebook


    I have very fine hair that has dry, damaged ends but is oily near the scalp. I have coloured hair so I don't like to wash it every day but need to condition. My trick to go longer without washing: conditioner first, then shampoo.




    I have my hair cut at all one length which makes it feel and look thicker. I also use a sea salt spray and braid my hair to increase volume with waves.



    The holy grail of hair thickening is castor oil. Mix one part castor oil and one part coconut oil. Heat it up a little. Massage it into your roots for a few minutes. (Comb through lengths to ends for super soft hair.) Put a shower cap on and leave it in your hair for at least four hours. Shampoo your hair twice, because it leaves a residue if you don't. Repeat twice a month.

    I used this method after repeated bleaching caused my hair to thin. It's the best thing that ever happened to my hair.



    Do this when you have a day to let it soak! Warm up extra virgin castor oil and massage it onto your scalp, then put on a shower cap and allow the oil to sit for a couple hours. I actually found that it helps stimulate hair growth and helped me get rid of a bald spot I was getting (I was only 15). I do this treatment probably once a week, and what used to be a bald spot on my very thin-haired head, now has even thicker hair that reaches my chin.



    I only shampoo two times a week. My ends are dry but my scalp takes three to four days to get oily. Definitely took some time getting used to – at first I could only go a day but my scalp has now relaxed on the oil production.

    I also only conditioner on the ends and not scalp/roots. Then I shower comb on wet hair or detangle with fingers – I hate seeing hair in the vacuum or drain.

    –Vaun Emmah Vrachas , Facebook


    It Works has a hair, skin, and nail supplement and I've been on it for three months now. Not only is my hair longer, but it's doubled in thickness too. My balding spots have started to fill in and now blend in with my hair, I'm absolutely obsessed!

    –Cassandra A, Facebook


    Pacifica has a ginger root spray and it's AWESOME. I have super thin, tangly-ass, greasy-ass hair... I spritz it on after the shower and comb through. It gives me volume, even if I don't style it and let it air dry. It helps keep grease at bay so I can skip shampooing for an extra day (which I could never do before).



    Cedarwood essential oil, two drops every other night massaged into your scalp. After a few months I noticed my hair was truly thicker and fuller.




    After three kids within five years, postpartum hair loss has killed me! Aside from washing my hair as infrequently as possible (while still avoiding that wet rat look), I've found that "reverse washing" helps my hair go way longer before it falls to a limp, lifeless mess. I use conditioner first, and let it absorb for a good bit. Then I shampoo as usual, maybe focusing more on just the scalp. The shampoo will clean off the excess conditioner so you hair is still soft, but not weighed down at the end of your shower. This has let me go from absolutely NEEDING to wash my hair every other day to being able to go to days three or four. Total game changer for me.



    Powder Play by Big Sexy Hair is amazing. I use to add volume to my roots. It's really helpful on braids too, sprinkle a little bit and lightly tug. It'll triple the volume.



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