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17 Questions All Cinema Workers Are Continuously Asked

"Um, what movie was I seeing?"

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1. "Is this popcorn fresh?"

It's better if you don't know tbh.

2. "Oh gosh, what movie was I seeing?"


Um, I don't know.

3. "It was the one starting at 6:30pm??"

Warner Bros.

Duuuude. There are like six movies starting then.

4. "Why are your ticket prices so expensive?"


I don't know, why is life so expensive?

5. "Hi, can you tell me what this movie is about?"


*Reads synopsis off back of pamphlet.*

6. "And is this movie any good?"


Depends if you liked the synopsis I just read to you I guess.

7. "Do you like, have a chance to see ALL the movies here?"

Do you like, have a chance to see ALL the movies in between working your job and living your life also?

8. "I just randomly came here, what movie do you recommend?"

Screen Gems

*Reads synopsis off back of pamphlet.*

9. "What flavour choc-top is the best?"

Taste is very subjective ya know?

10. "I tried calling for session times, is there a reason you didn't pick up the phone?"


See how busy this cinema is? That. Also if you listen to the directions and press #1 the session times will actually be read out to you!

11. "How long does this movie go for?"


*Reads running time off back of pamphlet.*

12. "Am I allowed to walk out again during the movie?"

I am not your ruler kind sir, do whatever the fuck you want.

13. "I saw the sign saying the movie sold out, are you sure there aren't any more tickets?!"


I mean yes, we wouldn't lie to you.

14. "I don't want to see any previews, what time should I go into the cinema?"

Give it about 10-15 minutes and don't complain to the staff if you do accidentally miss the start.

15. "Can you change the session time to maybe half an hour earlier? It just suits us better."

Universal Pictures

Oh totally, while I'm at it can I play God and fix anything else in your life?

16. "Do you guys have couple seats?"

Paramount Pictures

So basically, you want to have sneaky under the pants action in the cinema?

17. "My son/daughter/cousin/sister/brother's best friend's sister is thinking of getting a job here. Your job is fun right?"

Paramount Pictures

Apart from the continuous tedious questions, the job definitely has its perks.