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22 Times Australian Politics Made No Sense At All

From onions, to halal snack packs, to... grubs.

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3. When Chris Pyne confused his grubs with his... swear words:

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Did he say grub or cunt? You decide.


5. When Joe Hockey simply told people to "get a good job" that "pays good money" and they'll be able to own a home:

God, he makes it sound so easy.

6. When Julie Bishop called Tanya Plibersek a bitch from across Parliament:

8. When Barnaby Joyce said Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's dogs must "bugger off back to the States":

9. And when it all ended in this strange, hostage-style apology:

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10. When Glenn Lazarus basically said he wanted to stick his fingers up Tony Abbott's butt:

Mick Tsikas / AAPIMAGE

Basically Lazarus insinuated he'd use a "Hopoate tackle" on Abbott - named after former NRL player John Hopoate who decided on some occasions to stick his fingers up the butt of opposing players. Always keep it classy 'Straya.

11. When Tony Abbott started grooming Scott Morrison in the middle of a press conference:

12. When Hotline Bill emerged:

That dad dancing.


14. When Dennis Jensen released his fantasy war erotica titled "The Skywarriors", which ultimately resulted in his job loss:

The book included a sex scene which read like this:

"Rono felt that he just had to relieve himself. He violently pulled Yasmine’s blouse buttons apart, completely ignoring her protests. Yasmine didn’t believe in wearing bras; in fact, she really didn’t need to, her breasts were still as firm as they had been in her late teens."

Okie dokie.

15. When Bill Shorten iconically retaliated to Cory Bernardi with the line, "At least I'm not a homophobe mate":

Go in.

16. When Clive Palmer sat in parliament casually counting his money:

Counting his money #auspol @abcnews @ABCNews24

That's $5 more than I have Clive, well done.


18. When David Leyonhjelm changed the words of a Christmas carol to make it about tax:


20. When news leaked that John Howard didn't believe in female ejaculation:

Former Prime Minister John Howard does not believe in… well I never