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19 TV Shows If They Were Set In Australia

The Fresh Prince of Brisbane sure has a different ring to it.

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Comedy Central's Midnight recently started a hashtag asking people to put an Aussie spin on their fave TV shows.

Pass the Vegemite! Tonight we're playing #MakeTVShowsAustralian. Check the examples and play along.

Here are some of the best answers!

1. A savage shout-out to our biggest export.

Everybody Hates Chris Hemsworth #MakeTVShowsAustralian @midnight

2. This title that's probably quite accurate, really.

Malcolm Turnbull in the Middle #MakeTVShowsAustralian @midnight

3. A scarier version of The X-Files.

The X-Crocodiles #MakeTvShowsAustralian @midnight

4. Hoping this makes it past one series.

My So-Called Knife #MakeTVShowsAustralian @midnight

5. A classic for sure.

Sydney Opera House of Cards #MakeTVShowsAustralian @midnight

6. Probably would rather watch this than the original.

The Big Boomerang Theory @midnight #MakeTVShowsAustralian

7. Ditto for this.

Great White Shark Tank #MakeTVShowsAustralian @midnight

8. A very different take on a women's prison show.

Orange is the New Bloke @midnight #MakeTVShowsAustralian

9. A clash of music and TV.

Mad Men at Work #MakeTVShowsAustralian @midnight

10. And again.

Crowded House Hunters @midnight #MakeTVShowsAustralian

11. The ocker version of a popular soap.

G'days of Our Lives @midnight #MakeTVShowsAustralian

12. A country reboot that we never saw coming.

Beverly Hills Hoist 90210 @midnight #MakeTVShowsAustralian

13. The fresh prince has never looked so bogan.

14. Neither have Carrie's diaries.

15. Annalise Keating is going in a very different direction.

How To Get Away With Vegemite #MakeTVShowsAustralian

16. Never trust the Bee Gees.

Don't Trust The Bee Gees In Apt 23 #MakeTVShowsAustralian @midnight

17. This sure does have some different connotations.

Touched by an Emu #MakeTVShowsAustralian @midnight

18. Never let facts get in the way of a good TV show.

It's Always Sunny In Wagga Wagga #MakeTVShowsAustralian

19. And, well, winter is coming after all.

Game of Turnbulls @midnight #MakeTVShowsAustralian