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18 Tweets All Picky Eaters Will 100% Relate To

Hi, I just want a burger with no tomato, no mayo, no cheese, no pickles, but extra bacon please.

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1. When you just want to order a sandwich of some sort and it becomes more stressful than you even imagined.

So many stickers #PickyEaterProbs

2. When you're at someone's house but don't want to offend them over their cooking.

when the food is nasty but you ain't trying to hurt someone's feelings

3. And when you get used to not getting your hopes up for family dinner.

4. When you're at a house party and fucking famished, but can't eat your pizza until you get rid of the gross toppings.

5. When you go out to eat, but in all honesty you know you'll probably just eat the one meal you can cook in your own damn oven.

We went to red lobster and he still ordered chicken strips and French fries 😂🙄

6. When you get the receipt and are thankful your order has been processed properly.

7. When you just know even the person serving you is judging you for your bland taste.

The subway lady is always confused whe. I say "that's all". #pickyeaterprobs

8. When attempting to impress someone on a first date has an added layer of pressure.

my biggest fear is a guy asking me out on a nice fancy date & I order off the kids menu & he never talks to me again #pickyeaterprobs

9. And when you're upfront and face rejection.

When you're the pickiest eater alive :)

10. When people call you picky and you’re like, “No wait, I’m not THAT bad,” then all of sudden you’re confronted with a food you hate.

me: ill eat anything lol also me: ew is that mayo? its white i dont trust it

11. When you're at a restaurant and the waiter asks you first out of EVERYONE what you want, but you haven't practiced how to say your order yet.

12. Or when you dine out and the menu

When you go to a restaurant and the menu is only one page😅😅 #pickyeaterprobs

13. Though in most cases, you would have already researched that shit a week in advance.

you know you're a picky eater when you're studying the menu days before you're going to a new resturant #pickyeaterprobs

14. When someone says this stupid response, and it takes all your willpower not to throw whatever disgusting thing they're offering you in their face.

me: "I don't like it" them: "how would you know if you never tried it before" me: "😒🙄🖕🏽" #pickyeaterprobs

15. When you text any one of your friends or family members and they already know it's because you tried a new food group.

16. When you're just trying to relax and watch TV, and an offensive food pops up.

Picky eater problems: having to watch restaurant commercials for foods you despise

17. When you're forced to pick out that one thing you HATE from a meal.

*picks ingredient I don't like out of bowl* "You can't even notice them!" "There's not that many!" "But they're sma…

18. And when you order takeaway online and just simply hope for the best.