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    23 Things All Australians Thought Were Cool In 2006

    Give me your Bebo luv.

    1. Colourful iPod nanos were trendy AF.

    Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

    2. Bebo was a 🔥🔥🔥 way to communicate.

    3. And writing MySpace blogs or bulletins was a great way to get your ~feelings~ across.


    4. While MSN was still the best way to strike up conversations with people you spent all day with at school.

    Wikihow / Via

    5. Australian Idol was still one of the best shows to watch.


    6. Slogan tees from Supre were the hottest trend.

    7. And the pleather belts that wrap around your waist were a great way to jazz up your outfit.

    Wikipedia: sry85 / Creative Commons / Via

    8. The Veronicas were hair goals.

    Patrick Riviere / Getty Images

    9. As was Chris Hemsworth and his surfer dude locks.

    John Stanton / WireImage

    10. This song was the bomb.

    View this video on YouTube

    11. This girl group dominated the end-of-year Aria charts.

    View this video on YouTube

    12. And you could barely turn on the radio without hearing "Forever Young" blaring out.


    13. Buying credit at the newsagent was the best way to top up your phone.

    Optus / Via

    And sending your friends $1 of credit when you needed them to text you back urgently.

    14. Flip phones and slide phones were the obvious choice.

    15. Literally EVERYONE was doing Borat impressions.

    20th Century Fox

    16. Colourful skinny leg jeans were starting to make their mark at Jay Jays.

    17. And the emo trend was really picking up.

    Magazines such as Dolly and Girlfriend helped you really discover your true emo self.

    18. In fact, 2006 was just a really good year for emo music.



    19. Sanity always had great two for $30 CD sales. / creative commons / Via

    Do people still shop at Sanity?

    20. And making mixed CDs for mates became a fun hobby.

    21. Aviator sunglasses were all the rage...

    David Livingston / Getty Images

    22. ...while the boho look was still going strong...

    Rabbani And Solimene Photography / WireImage

    23. And for some reason people were still insisting on wearing ugg boots outside the house.

    Henry Flores / Getty

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