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Posted on 7 Jun 2016

17 Things Aussie Politicians Do That Normal People Would Never Get Away With

There’s never been a more exciting time to stroke a rat.

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1. Gently stroke a rat in front of numerous flashing cameras.

ABC 702

2. Have middle-aged women try and come in for a pash while you're on the job.

Mick Tsikas / AAP
Mick Tskias / AAP

3. Wage war on two Yorkshire Terriers just because you can.

4. Issue a one-word press release.


5. Groom each other in the middle of a press conference.

6. Sit in Parliament and casually count your money.

Counting his money #auspol @abcnews @ABCNews24

7. Rebuild the Titanic...

20th Century Fox / Getty Images / Stefan Postles

8. ... or try to create Jurassic Park.

Universal Pictures / Getty Images / Stefan Postles

9. Eat raw onions like it's no big fucking deal.

YouTube: news channel / / Via ABC

10. Eat your own earwax as an interesting choice in snack.

View this video on YouTube


11. Chat about your favourite lettuce like it's the most important part of your life.

12. Quote Taylor Swift in parliament.

13. Take a casual helicopter ride to a fundraiser a mere 80km away.

BREAKING: Sky News declare they're extremely happy with overqualified traffic reporter Bronwyn Bishop. #ausvotes

14. Smash an Italian marble table at your own farewell piss-up.

15. Take part in the greatest reality show of our time, The Killing Season.


16. Aggressively ignore science.

Timelapse of last 72hrs at #Narrabeen showing phenomenal erosion #SydneyStorm @UNSWEngineering @abcnews

17. And pretend to understand the struggles of every day Australians, while owning numerous properties, earning a high income, and fully sick pension.

Disney / Getty Images / Stefan Postles

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