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    19 Things That Happen When You Live On Campus

    People will pee in the shower.

    1. The first day of moving in is super nerve-racking, especially if you don't know anyone.

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    2. And your room is somehow even smaller than what you originally thought.

    3. Though it doesn't take long for it to start looking like a complete pigsty.


    Don't judge me, I was in the process of moving.

    4. Initial nerves are lost in the first week, as most people tend to bond after a few drinks.


    You're all living out of home for (probably) the first time, so there's something everyone has in common.

    5. And most campuses put on themed parties like toga night or back to school.

    6. While the thought of a communal bathroom was originally somewhat horrifying, it's easy enough to get used to.


    7. And soon enough you'll figure out the showers with the best water pressure.

    8. If you're on a catered campus, the food is not always...great.


    9. And people sure like nicking stuff from the dining area.


    Uni students like anything that comes for "free".

    10. Mi Goreng or instant noodles will quickly become a part of your everyday diet.

    11. Only the cheapest of alcohol is consumed at pre-drinks on a Wednesday night.


    12. And whoever owns a car... well, it's basically their duty to lead the hungover Macca's run the next day.

    13. There's a 98% chance you'll hear your next-door neighbour getting a bit of action.


    14. And the fire alarm drill will always, always go off the morning after a big night out.


    RA's can be cruel.

    15. There's a high possibility that numerous people are doing the same degree as you, so it's easy to get help with your assignments.

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    16. And there's always extra motivation to study during exam time, because everyone around you is in the same routine.


    17. Living down the hall from your friends never, ever gets old.


    18. Because if you need to borrow something, chances are they will have you covered.


    19. And chances are, you make friends for life by living on campus. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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