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    We Really Need To Talk About How Disgusting Creme Eggs Are

    It's time for some truthbombs.

    World, listen up.


    We need to talk about this weird obsession with Creme Eggs.

    So I thought about it and decided my obsession with creme eggs might be getting outta hand #cremeegg #chocolate #yum

    First thing's first, they're not even that good.

    And people are taking their obsession with this mediocrity, WAY TOO FAR.

    One way to use those Creme eggs this Easter.... #CremeEgg #Cake #Wow

    What is this jizzy mess?!

    Like this monstrosity:

    Facebook: Rinkoffs.Bakery

    Hmm yes, this seems necessary.

    And this fucking ludicrous mess:

    Even McDonald's have turned them into one bloody average McFlurry.

    Every Easter we are forced to see these sickly sugary concoctions everywhere we turn.

    It's really time they stop being so hyped up.

    Wake up people and take a good hard look at yourselves!

    In conclusion, everyone who thinks Creme Eggs are the best thing since sliced bread, are wrong.

    Twitter: @itsheatherpj

    See ya in the comments with all your wrong opinions.

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