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19 Things Only People Who Work At The Movies Will Understand

Yes, I perpetually smell like popcorn.

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2. And you have the great ability to convince a customer to go see a movie, even if you haven't actually seen it yourself.

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"Oh it's fantastic. I laughed until my stomach hurt. It's my favourite of this year, easily!"


5. You've nailed the art of making the perfect choc-top.

6. And you've also nailed the art of "accidentally" dropping a choc-top, so you can write it off and eat it later.

8. You dread school holidays more than any other customer service person you know.

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Yes, it's torture for most retail workers. But you haven't seen anything until you've seen a line winding out the door of impatient, screaming and crying tiny humans.


9. And you know the frustration of a customer coming in during a busy period only to forget which movie they came to see.

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We have eight showing in this session. We get mind lapses happen, but please try and describe it to us at least?!