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14 Of The Weirdest Google Searches About New Zealand

Would New Zealand survive a nuclear war?

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1. First things first, why is New Zealand named New Zealand?

2. And who has NZ been spying on exactly?

20th Century Fox Television

3. New Zealand. It's like Scotland, but further.

4. But most people know New Zealand as Middle Earth tbh.

New Line Cinema

5. A question on everyone's lips: Why Kiwis?

6. Would Kiwis survive a nuclear war?

7. Well, this just escalated.

8. If you hate snakes, it looks like NZ may be the place to be.

9. Hopefully anyway.

MTV / Via

10. Though we all know we don't have the same accent, let's be real.

11. And the never ending debate of who's better once again arises.

12. OK, OK, we probably did ~borrow~ the whole pavlova thing. Sorry NZ.

13. We knew it.