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    19 Storylines From "Home And Away" That Went Way, Way Too Far

    Leah's gotta have some of the worst luck in the Bay.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community what storyline from Aussie soap Home and Away made them say "what the fuuuuuuuck". Here are the best responses.

    1. The time Casey was handcuffed to a car in the middle of nowhere, but Brax still managed to find him.

    Seven Network

    "He was handcuffed to a wrecked car in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, and Brax miraculously scoured thousands of kilometres to save him from certain death... OK."


    2. Tasha washing up on shore and only being able to speak Pig Latin.

    Seven Network

    –Rhiannon Smith, Facebook

    3. And later joining a cult.

    Seven Network

    “She later joined a cult, was drugged and raped, fell pregnant, was held hostage, the baby was kidnapped, but she got her happy ending by moving to America with Robbie and her baby.”

    –Rhiannon Smith, Facebook

    4. The time Robbie killed his grandfather but no one really remembered.

    Seven Network

    "They resolved it in like a two-minute conversation months later."

    –Rachel Alford, Facebook

    5. Leah's black widow curse.

    Seven Network

    "Every guy she marries dies!"

    –Beth Williams, Facebook

    6. Martha and Jack's ridiculously tempestuous relationship.

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    "The time Martha was married to that cop (Jack), then they got divorced because he was spending too much time at work. Then she was in a helicopter crash out in the bush, presumed dead, but then they got back together. And then she got terminal cancer and had a miscarriage (I think), but then she didn’t die... instead he got shot and died.

    –Clare Cullen, Facebook

    7. Selina getting kidnapped by Saul, not once, not twice, but THREE times.

    Network Seven
    Network Seven

    Saul was jailed after his first attempt at kidnapping Selina, but tried two more times. He even tried to kill himself and Selina by lighting a fire the second time around, while the third attempt he fell sick and was eventually shot by police.


    8. The time Matilda got severely burned and then all of a sudden her burns disappeared.

    Seven Network
    Seven Network

    "After a couple months of the scars not being mentioned, she's suddenly wearing tank tops again with no scars in sight."

    –Louise Court, Facebook

    9. When Kit and Kim were dehydrated and on the brink of dying, but managed to conceive.

    Seven Network

    Thirsty in all sorts of ways.

    –Stacey Hoskins, Facebook

    10. The time Dan was sacrificed because Sally basically came back from the dead.

    Seven Network
    Seven Network

    "Johnny Cooper stabbed Sally, and her foster father Tom showed her what life in Summer Bay would be like without her. So she had to choose whether to move on or to stay behind, and she decided to stay behind. She was warned though that if she went back, someone would have to die too. It just so happened that Dan died and then Sally started blaming herself..."

    –Anne Green, Facebook

    11. Kirsty falling in love with her sister's rapist.

    Seven Network

    "Can we please talk about Kirsty dating her older sister's rapist and the show painting them as star-crossed lovers because Papa Sutherland was like 'Look, Kirsty, please don't date your sister's rapist?'

    Because as a 12-year-old, I was drinking the Kool-Aid but as an adult I'm like 'HAHAHA OH WOW OK, WHAT A HARMFUL MESSAGE'."

    –Liz Byrne, Facebook

    12. Duncan's miraculous recovery and aging process.

    "When Duncan was like eight and fell off a cliff or something, and went to hospital and came back as a 16-year-old.”

    –Yasmin Hannah, Facebook

    13. When Annie went on an exchange trip to Japan, and then never came back.

    Seven Network

    "Best 'exit story' ever! Kid goes on a student exchange program, never heard of ever again!"

    –Tru Sutton, Facebook

    14. The fact VJ is meant to be deaf but miraculously recovered.

    Seven Network

    "A cochlear implant does not cure deafness. It's only a tool. So, he's still deaf. The biggest hole ever."

    –Matt Kernaghan, Facebook

    15. Also when he became a totally different person.

    –Everyone on Facebook

    16. Vinnie dying about 10 years after he was a relevant character.

    Seven Network

    "Vinnie went to jail and was 'blown up', but it was a ruse. He went into witness protection, and he died in like early 2010 in a farming accident or something. Leah visited his grave and it was finally done 10 years after the character was relevant."

    –Chris Lewis, Facebook

    17. John getting a brain tumour and lighting a whole bunch of fires.

    Seven Network

    "John Palmer getting a brain tumor that apparently caused him to 'black out', but still allowed him to dress in black, steal petrol, and commit arson around the Bay. He murdered people and burned his wife before he was finally caught and diagnosed. Also he basically had day surgery to remove the tumor and then he was 100% fine and everyone in the Bay was cool with it."

    –Dean Nye, Facebook

    18. When April lost her virginity to Heath Braxton, who later went on to marry her older sister?!

    Seven Network

    April was trying to make Dex jealous, so lost her virginity to a guy that later married her older sister Bianca.


    19. And when Ailsa saw Bobby's ghost coming out of a fridge.

    Seven Network
    Seven Network

    "Scary shit."

    –Lawrence Champness, Facebook

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