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18 Things You Miss About Living On Campus

The food is not one.

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7. But if you're self-catered, you got to eat whatever you want!

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You're living out of home now, and there's no one to judge your eating choices. INSTANT NOODLES 4 LYF!

10. The "panic clean" that happened when your parents did a surprise visit.


Panic clean: Having to clean a whole room, and hide anything suss in a small amount of time. It's stressful at the time, but oh so rewarding when you pull it off.

12. Being able to borrow anything, at any given time.

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Books, DVDs, TV series, clothes, make-up... all you had to do was walk out the door and someone on your floor would have what you need.

13. Having no real responsibilities.

Sure, living on campus wasn't exactly cheap, but not getting electricity, gas, water and Internet bills regularly definitely made it a whole lot less stressful.

14. Sleeping until whatever goddamn time you wanted.


On the days you didn't have lectures or tutorials early (or decided to skip them), you could have one long, blissful sleep in.

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