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17 Foods That White People Have Ruined

Stop that.

1. This "healthy" pho that sounds absolutely horrific.

white people can ruin literally anything

2. This honest-to-god mess.

Wtf is this white person recipe for halo halo

3. This vomit-worthy ketchup and mayo ice cream.

4. This attempt at corn.

White people have really ruined a good classic. This is gentrification on a plate 😭

5. These ingredients that should've never been mixed together.

Wait a damn second... Vegemite... On SUSHI? White people ruin everything

6. This so-called chocolate "hummus".

White people still trying to ruin hummus

7. These "naturally" great-tasting jalapeño chips.

These are NOT HOT AT ALL. Damn white people ruin everything. 😒

8. These multigrain za'atar crackers.

why do white people have to ruin everything?

9. Honestly, you're fucking with me now.

White people ruin everything. My supervisor texted me this pic talking about he's out eating chicken and waffles. 😳😷

10. This recipe that decided we MUST have a sweet version of samosas.

Smh white people ruin everything...

11. These sea salt naan chips.


12. Honestly how do people even come up with this shit?

More proof that white people go an ruin everything. CC @TariqAnwar00

13. This strawberry-flavoured couscous.

Wtf why are white people trying to ruin maftoul

Yes, you read that right.

14. The croissant that literally no one ever asked for.

????????? What are white people going to ruin next

15. This actual, real thing.

On the Thanksgiving menu this year, Jell-O served cold with a small dollop of mayonnaise


16. This absolute proof that people need to be stopped. Now.

Hey white people it's time we have a real discussion about ruining food...

17. And of course, we can never forget this atrocity.

Add green peas to your guacamole. Trust us.