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    29 Photos That Will Give All Aussies Intense Flashbacks To Primary School

    Because being taught about health from a giraffe in a dark van, was totally normal.

    1. When Healthy Harold came to visit and taught you all about nutrition and how to deal with bullying.

    2. That accomplished feeling every time you added another gold coin to your dollarmites account.

    3. This bloody rule that ruined your life on the days you forgot your hat.

    4. There was nothing harder than trying to decide which Women's Weekly Cookbook cake you wanted for your birthday.

    5. Although begging your parents to let you have roll-ups was definitely a challenge.

    6. And you were always jealous of the kid that brought Hubba Bubba to school, even if it was instantly confiscated.

    7. But the days your mum said you could get a tuckshop lunch were the BEST!

    8. There were the struggles of trying to decide between a swanky plastic pencil case...

    9. ...or a durable tin one.

    10. Regardless, your pencil case wasn't complete without these absolute necessities.

    11. And these stamps always made a welcome addition when it came to decorating your margins.

    12. School seemed a little more exciting when you covered all your books in posters from TV Hits.

    13. Getting your pen license was a huge highlight in your primary school life...

    14. ...but it became even greater when you were able to use glittery gel pens.

    15. The school library was an endless source of entertainment with classics like these.

    16. For some reason, every kid had one of these for a hot minute.

    17. There was also the light-up yoyo fad and trying to master new tricks to show off to your friends.

    18. And let's not forget the tamagotchi and its beyond tragic life-span.

    19. Stuck in the mud was potentially the greatest game ever invented...

    20. While Jump Rope For Heart was the annual event where you could show off your brand new skipping skills.

    21. Though the school's asphalt or concrete playground led to a lot of inevitable scrapes.

    22. Gymnastics excursions were always the best - especially when it came to the foam pit.

    23. And of course, what could have been more fun than a big, colourful parachute!

    Well it seemed awesome at the time.

    24. When decisions were too hard to make (because primary school life was tough), these were your fortune tellers.

    "Dear rubber, should I ask Sam to be my boyfriend, yes, maybe, no."

    25. No assignment was complete until you finished it off with a jazzy Word Art headline.

    26. And sure, your reflection journal was a bit of a chance to suck up to your teacher, but it was a great time-filler trying to make it look pretty.

    27. The days you were in charge of ringing the school bell in the afternoon made you feel ever so important.

    28. And you were extremely proud when you learned to play a Christmas tune on one of these bad boys for your Nativity play.

    Even if it was slightly out of tune.

    29. Most importantly, it was a feeling like no other when your teacher rolled this into the classroom...

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