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29 Photos That Will Give All Aussies Intense Flashbacks To Primary School

Because being taught about health from a giraffe in a dark van, was totally normal.

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5. Although begging your parents to let you have roll-ups was definitely a challenge.

6. And you were always jealous of the kid that brought Hubba Bubba to school, even if it was instantly confiscated.

7. But the days your mum said you could get a tuckshop lunch were the BEST!

12. School seemed a little more exciting when you covered all your books in posters from TV Hits. / Via TV Hits

"Mum, I NEED this issue, because I NEED that new Nick Carter poster, I don't want brown paper books anymore."

13. Getting your pen license was a huge highlight in your primary school life...

21. Though the school's asphalt or concrete playground led to a lot of inevitable scrapes.

22. Gymnastics excursions were always the best - especially when it came to the foam pit.

Flickr: Eden, Janine and Jim / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: edenpictures

Even the smell of feet couldn't deter your enthusiasm.

23. And of course, what could have been more fun than a big, colourful parachute!

Well it seemed awesome at the time.

26. And sure, your reflection journal was a bit of a chance to suck up to your teacher, but it was a great time-filler trying to make it look pretty.

27. The days you were in charge of ringing the school bell in the afternoon made you feel ever so important.

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